A new year a new you? Sure whatever.. this year I’m trying something different, I am going into it fresh from a separation and pending divorce and proudly lone parenting my beautiful children with ease… View Post

This day will forever be a date that I wish I could redo, it was a night during half term when our internet stopped working, it was a little annoying but we managed to work… View Post

I will be back shortly, blogging about my life and various other things in the not too distant future, I have had to take some personal time which I will explain in a future post.… View Post

While the title of this post might not seem like the most positive thing ever, but I feel it is always best to get things off your chest when they’ve been bothering you for a… View Post

You all know how much I am a sucker for beautiful handmade jewelry, going from a consumer to a maker and back to a consumer again I have learnt to love appreciate pieces of jewelry… View Post