Windy Thursday.

We finally got out, I had to to get Robin registered at my doctors, I have been putting it off for about two weeks  (or forgetting to take the forms with me more like!!) Blame it on the baby brain I guess. But it turns out you need a birth certificate and mine has been sent off with the child benefit forms which should’ve been in the post a few weeks ago but once again they didn’t get there until yesterday so I have to wait again, my own fault I know!

But still we got a walk out of it and it inspired me to cook burgers for dinner as well.. I bought buns!! 

On the slimming world note I very much enjoyed being back there, while I don’t plan to sign up until next week I am glad I went and everyone met Robin.

Half term is almost over thank goodness!

…. I don’t know how much more Dinotrux I can take!!

Mummy Cat



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