Strawberry picking fun.

Sundays are usually my day to myself, Mr S takes the kittens around their nan’s house and leaves me alone with the baby and the housework so I can reset before the beginning of the school week, this weekend my mum treated me and the three kittens for a trip to a lovely pick your own farm. Cammas Hall Farm is a lovely family run farm just out the outskirts of the Essex/Hertfordshire border and they allow the public to come in and pick your own fruit and veg at certain times of the year.

We went a little bit early as there wasnt many lovely strawberries to pick but we did manage to get one bucket full.

The plan is to head back there during the summer holidays or a bit before and see if we can get lots more, you could see on the shrubs how many could be there next time we go, it was such a shame there wasn’t many but it still was a lovely day out with nanny and kittens.

But on the plus side, I did manage to find some other bits in their farm shop, lovely sausages, shortbread biscuits and these beautiful colorful carrots.

Looking forward to heading back there with the kittens again, its such a cheap day out and you can eat as you pick. Yummy!!

Mummy Cat



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