The School Trip.

This is going to be a bit of a panicky ramble, so apologies in advance!  

Today my 6 year old has gone on a school trip to the sea side, Walton on the Naze to be exact and I’m switching between excitement for him and complete panic. While I am glad hes gone off with his class friends every single atom in me is worried..

Its the farthest hes gone without me, he couldn’t care less about it, the children this morning wouldn’t stop shouting with excitement at the gates and Kai was the same, I knew this day was going to come, and longer and farther trips are in his future but you just cant help worrying.

I’m glad however I wasn’t the only parent with concerns, everyone thought it was a bit far and the fact that they are taking not only his class but reception and year 2 aswell made it all very uncomfortable to the fellow mums at the school gate.

After collecting Amelia from preschool one of the mums there shared with me that they had only arrived, roughly 12pm after setting out at 9:15 which is surprising as they need to be back around 3:30… I really hope they do get back in time but it seems such a wasted day, all morning on the coach and only spending an hour, two max before needing to head back, and what if they get stuck in traffic again on the way back.

It is not helping my nerves thats for sure. 

I am trying to keep my mind busy, organizing my blog and dealing with the baby but its still worrying me.

I have told Amelia I wont be doing this again when/if she goes hah, one its a lot of money and two I’m sure ill be pulling my hair out! 

Anyway… Back to watching My Little Pony with Amelia until I am told I can come collect Kai from the school.

Mummy Cat 



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