Pokemon Go and Boiling Alive.

Here in the UK we have been hit by two waves, Pokemon Go.. and a heatwave.. and while I have very much enjoyed Pokemon, I do not enjoy the heat and have avoided it as much as I can.

Robin was due to have her 12 week jabs this week at midday and after a few um’s and ah’s, I decided to cancel and book another day, according to the receptionist I wasn’t the only one who cancelled jab appointments, it is very safe to say that we are all suffering with the weather, while the sunshine is nice, the heat isn’t.

We are officially on the last week of school for Kai, The summer holidays are half a week away and honestly I am not excited about it, three kids on my own while Daddy works? help!!! thankfully my mum has booked a few days off here and there and we are off on mini (literally) adventures to the seaside and my aunts so these 6 weeks of warmth and children will hopefully fly by…. 

I found some information about keeping the little ones cool on these hot days, I look forward to finding something similar with keeping them warm when the winter hits .. although last winter wasn’t exactly a cold one…

Until next time.. toodles

Mummy Cat 



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