2 weeks down 3 left to go.

The annoying thing about not being able to drive during summer holidays is not being able to get anywhere that might be worth anything, we try to walk everyday, weather permitting but obviously it is more hard work now with three children.

We do manage to get out at weekends, and every Sunday Mr S takes the two older kittens around to his mums house to let me get the house back to how I like it as like going for an everyday walk, housework during the summer holidays has been pushed aside a little, basic vacuuming gets done but my goodness… you should see Mount Dirty-Washing!!

Yesterday, Saturday 6th August we went to our favorite place to visit over the spring and summer months, Cammas Hall Farm to pick fruit for my mums jam making skills, and of course it gave me an opportunity to stretch my photography legs.

Beautiful Blueberries ready at the end of August.
Next week is the busy week for us, we are either off to Walton on the Naze but depending on weather it may be somewhere different but either way I am sure it will be an exciting adventure which will probably get written about here. 

Until next time, whenever that will be..

Mummy Cat



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