Almost back to school time..

Its happened, my middle kitten Amelia is off to primary school.. Part of me is excited for her but the other part, is terrified (that ol’ anxiety again). I keep looking at photos of her when she was a baby and I cannot believe that this October is her 5th birthday and she will be at primary school with her brother.

We took a trip into town during the weekend and started to organise school.. Kai had his hair cut and Amelia is now a proud owner of a brand new set of uniform.. and its scary..

I am sure that when shes there in September all my worries and fears will melt away like they did when Kai first started but I can see myself dealing with the same kind of feelings when Robin reaches that age..

You are never prepared for when your tiny newborns aren’t newborns any more… its bad enough that Robin is now 17 weeks old.

Where on earth did that time go? 

I know that growing up is a part of life but some days I have just one wish, that time stopped for a little bit so I can enjoy them as tiny people for a little long.

Here’s to September, the most stressful and exciting time in any mummies life.

Mummy Cat



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