Why I picked formula over breast.

How we choose to feed our babies has caused rather heated arguments over the past few years and I really cannot see why, No one asks the mothers why they picked one form or another to feed their own children without criticizing her choice.

I am from a side of the spectrum that gets called out and moaned at for not breastfeeding, and no one has dared to ask why because they assume that I am doing it out of pure laziness or believing my boobs are ‘sexual only’.. not one person stops to think that I did try at one point and it frankly didn’t work..

when you get pregnant you are told almost straight away that ‘breast is best’ and that its easy etc… not many tell you the sheer raw reality that while it is ‘best’ it isn’t always the better choice and it frankly isn’t as easy as they say it is.. it hurts, you can bleed and sometimes in my case your body goes against the norm and doesn’t produce enough milk.

I had so many dreams when I found out I was expecting my eldest Kai, I was naive and no one told me the truth behind those first painful weeks. When I had him i tried my hardest to feed him.. but it went nowhere.

Once I was home and my wonderful midwife saw him and saw how he wasn’t feeding, how he wasn’t loosing his horrendous orange colour and how much of the fact that he wouldn’t stop screaming out of hunger was bringing me down (I was often in tears from pain and feeling like a failure because in my mind, I couldn’t feed him correctly… she recommended I switch to formula and in that moment that I did, he became a happy contented baby (besides from his allergy issue to lactose which we didn’t know if until the 6 month mark) his orange tinge went and he gained weight properly.

My daughter Amelia is a completely different story, from the moment I found out I was expecting I had already made the choice to formula feed from birth and I am glad I did, she was happy and most importantly I wasn’t on the verge of tears everytime I fed her.. And once again when my third baby arrived I stuck with formula.

The other day while sitting on my favorite baby group on Facebook, someone shared a post about another group which was about breastfeeding support or you would hope it was about that, some of the things that had been shared, I wouldn’t even dream of saying to another mum about how she feeds her baby.. It is of course a personal choice.. Seeing their bias opinion of breastfeeding and how formula is ‘poison’ to babies and have killed babies was shocking…

They shared this link about the ‘history of formula’ and unfortunately it was extremely one sided and more about the American formula ingredients and how the ‘companies don’t share what’s in it’ while anyone here in the UK can look at the box of ANY brand and see exactly what’s in it due to UK food standard laws.. you can I think go onto the manufactures websites and read about what goes into baby milk.

What I found worse with the whole thing was a woman who had had a baby 1 week ago was finding that her baby was drinking blood, but the group told her to continue with feeding, not even a midwife at a hospital would allow a baby to drink milk with blood in it.

My favorite hashtag to use on social media is #fedisbest and it truly is…

No one should judge you on how you feed you OWN baby, no one should make you feel bad when you have tried but it just wasn’t working ..

You are not a failure for choosing formula!


Mummy Cat

Disclaimer: this is my personal choice, please no hate mail.

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  1. Mel
    March 29, 2017 / 11:02 am

    I love this, I tried so hard to bf and was in so much pain, bruised and bleeding and just could not satisfy my 2 week late, 9.6 hungry baby! Yes, it may have got better if I’d kept at it but my baby constantly wanted feeding and i couldn’t stand the pain. We switched to formula and it was just like a breath of fresh air, I was more relaxed and so was my baby as he wasn’t hungry! I was told so many times ‘if it hurts you’re doing it wrong’, We were checked countless times and told the latch was perfect and it still hurt like hell. Formula was the best choice for us even though i’m sad that i didn’t manage to bf .

    • Mummy Cat
      March 29, 2017 / 11:10 am

      I am all for awareness for breastfeeding, but I wish they would tell you how it can go wrong and how to avoid problems rather than expect you to know everything, at the moment I’m happy in my choice not to breastfeed, three extremely healthy happy children, maybe in future I’ll try again but right now, I’m at peace

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