A Tiny Update…

Hello 🙂

I have been extremely busy since my two eldest kittens went back to school, my smallest kitten has suddenly become very clingy so in-between comforting her, I’ve been trying to get our house back to normal after the mental six weeks off.

Whats happened since I last talked about my life?

Honestly.. not a lot!! I have been prepping and planning for lots of little craft stuff to post about during October and December as who doesn’t like DIY Halloween and Christmas goodies! Robin (small kitten) has finally had her 16 week jabs at 22 weeks.. better late than never and is now currently snoozing away the aftereffects of it.

Mr S is planning a trip to Germany next year for Gamescom… after what I experienced the last time he went, I firmly believe I cannot deal very well on my own after all, without his trip to Germany last year my cat Loki wouldn’t have bitten my foot, I wouldn’t have been on antibiotics and Robin wouldn’t be here.. hah!!!

I had some delightful dental work done .. a crown fitted, its extremely weird and im slowly getting used to it but after having teeth pulled and many fillings I am glad my treatment has ended and I am back to regular 6 months check ups!

and finally my actual cat Artie hasn’t been very well, since I came home from the hospital with Robin hes stopped eating, after a trip to the vets and some medicine hes eating again but is still very skinny, I am hoping that when winter rolls around he gains back some weight and doesn’t continue looking like something out of a Tim Burton film!

until next time which will be a lot sooner than a few weeks..

Mummy Cat



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