Hello November!


And all of a sudden it’s November! Why does the year drift by so quickly? Why can’t time just slow down for a moment and allow us to enjoy it.
It’s almost time for the season of pantomimes and plays, Christmas charity jumpers and the dreaded count down to begin! 
But first we need to get through Guy Fawkes night and then Christmas can finally take over! Our decorations don’t usually appear until the second week of December, we are getting a brand new tree this year so I may get some new decorations too (if Mr S lets me ha)
I have some exciting things coming up this month, I’m off to the Essex baby show in Chelmsford on the 20th tickets are available until the 19th so go get them! 
I also plan on doing a monthly favourites tag and possibly some Christmas diy craft ideas! 
I love this time of year 🙂
Mummy Cat

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