Whats In My Changing Bag 2016

I have seen this a few times across various blogs and I thought it would be a good idea to do this tag too! So..

Here is whats in my changing bag.

The bag in question is this lovely Pink Lining ‘Blooming Gorgeous’ bag that I found on ebay (I now own 3.. shssh)
The basics. a changing mat that came with the bag and this little bag that I think is meant to be used for wet clothes but I use it to store my wipes, cream and anti bac hand jel. Tescos wipes are by far the best ones Ive used! 
Nappies! these the Sainsburys size 3 nappies, I used to use pampers but sometimes money is tight and these nappies have been amazing, no leaks and last a long time.
Two muslin cloths, or sick blankets as we call it, and one roll of freezer bags.. only because I forgot to by nappy bags!
And the random rubbish that sits at the bottom, my purse is from a charity shop and considering how big it is I still think I need a bigger one, Baby Lips lip balm, my iPhone 6 which I use to take most of my photos (with my reflection on the screen hah hello!), Nuby baby keys for those nasty teeth, Ziggy Baby dummy clip, a spare memory card, my keys, a MAM dummy and finally my little life line.. my old ipod touch which is always there when Robin falls asleep on those trips up the town.
and there you have it, what is in my changing bag.. not very exciting but I had a giggle organizing what was in there.
A lot less junk than I expected.
Mummy Cat


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