So busy.

I think it’s clear that I am slacking a little with the blogging, I have been so busy… school plays and meetings and of course now the eldest kittens have broke up from school..

It might be best for a little update 🙂
I have done nothing but housework, shopping and looking after a clingy baby all this time hah! Robin now has two bottom teeth and I am sure three and four are on the way too and she’s almost crawling! 
The other two have finally done with school for the holidays, both have been 100% attendance which I am super proud of 🙂
Not much else has occurred.. i baked some yummy chocolate chip cookies which I plan to share at some point and I made some fudge for family at Christmas.. I’ll share all the recipes I followed 🙂
Anyway I’m off to continue with some wrapping!
3 more sleeps to go!
Mummy Cat x

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