Mother and baby groups aren’t for me.

You are told when you first become a mother that you should join mother and baby groups and ‘socialize’ with fellow mums in your area..

sure okay.. when?!

When I had my son I tried to go along to these groups but with finding the time, transport and the obvious social anxiety that I dealt with daily, it was tough to go along with it.. many of the days out ended up in places I simply couldn’t get to (my only mode of transport is a bus) and in the end I decided to not bother.

Shortly after having my second child I was once again told that it would be great for me to join in at our local SureStart center with other mums and babies, I was living in a completely new town by that point and honestly didn’t know many people in my local area, so I went along with my son who was 18 months old when my second child was born but once again it felt awkward, everyone there was already BFF and I just didn’t feel like I could fit in! plus if I am honest going to these play days with a new baby is harder than you think so I decided to not go once again…

Roll around 5 years later and I have been given many leaflets about mum meet ups and groups local to me, I’d love to go but I know that I would deal with the same issues that I did before, always in places I cannot get too or full of mums that make me feel anxious.

Everyone tells me how lonely they felt being a mum, how they couldn’t talk to people or had friends leave because they didn’t see the new responsibility but I don’t really feel like that, I sometimes really enjoy my own company. I have had some bad experiences with other mothers making me feel bad for my parenting choices so avoiding the situation is better for me, Even with internet groups and anonymous comments can make the most confident mum feel worthless.

I did’t go to these baby groups purely because they aren’t needed in my life but if you think they are needed in yours don’t hesitate to look one up.

I did however download that mummy social app, I have yet to actually go to a meet up but It might be a little step foward in my fear of people and other mums hah

Until next time

Mummy Cat


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