My baby always surprises me…

Shortly before her first birthday, a day in fact, my 11 months three weeks and 6 day old baby took her first steps forward into another chapter of development.

She’s walking before I anticipated, K and A both took their first steps when they hit 14 months old, and I was expecting R to follow suit and walk around the same time.. not at a full year (or a day before) so when she took her first steps I was so surprised!! She’s still small so seeing a short baby looking baby (yes I know) walk around the room is bizarre! 

But I couldn’t be prouder! When she was born (at a tiny 5lbs 8) the midwives all told me that the little ones have more to prove and ‘show off’ a bit earlier than others.

Looking at her now at 12 months I can’t imagine her being tiny, I mean is still is very small.. she only weighs 19lbs 6 and is still extremely short. It feels crazy that this year has gone far to quickly, my Timehop (an app that shows your past social media posts) each morning makes me feel sad that she’s not a tiny helpless newborn anymore…

But each morning she surprises me with new tricks every day 🙂

One very emotional…

Mummy Cat.


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