30 Years of Joshua Tree. 

On 9th March 1987 one of the greatest albums (opinions pending) of all time was released, U2’s Joshua Tree, and the band just started their tour in celebration of said albums, seeing all these photos and videos pop up on twitter and Instagram took me back to the summer of 2005 and the Vertigo 05 tour.

It was an extremely hot summers day, 21st June 2005 in the wonderful city of Glasgow. A friend who I met through the wonders of the internet, in fact via a U2 chat room years prior, managed to get wonderful tickets to the show, I still remember her telling me that she got them after standing in line since midnight of the tickets released..

I was living in Newcastle at the time (a story I probably won’t talk about) so travel to Glasgow wasn’t an issue, everything is a complete blur of how I actually got there (train… obviously) but I remember having to get up rather early… which these days isn’t early at all, and heading to the arena and the long wait of being first in line, but the blessing of being first in line is the opportunity to be in a place I had only dreamed about, front row at a U2 concert! 

The photos honestly do not do justice of how close me and my friends stood! In many of my photos I had one of the grumpy looking security guards keeping watch! Front row! All those years of dreaming and wishing for this day and it finally happened.

Being the one with the camera I am not in any of these photos, but here are a ‘few’ of the photos I managed to snap that day.

I was extremely blessed to have even able to tag along to see this band with a fellow fan I met on the internet.. looking back on this day and everything that happened, where we stood and the songs that they played some of which they hadn’t sung live in years.. I wish I could go back and experience this one event again..

I wish I could go see the Joshua Tree anniversary tour but I know that would be impossible giving how quickly tickets to these shows sell out!

I can however still listen back to this day, someone in the crowd recorded it, as many do, and I have it saved on my hard drive along with the blurry videos I managed to take.. (seriously you kids do not understand the pain of shitty phone cameras).

Signing off humming to ‘Running to Stand Still’

Mummy Cat 



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