A to Z – U is for U2.

U2 –

I have talked about U2 a lot before on my blog, they have been an almost constant in my life since I first heard Elevation in the back of my dads car while on holiday in 2001, I of course fell in ‘love’ with Bono and his voice and as it turns out his large nose too haha.

I have had a lot of criticism with my loving of this band, everyone I have known has talked to me in disgust about them and how snobby they are, telling us to donate when they sit in mansions.. and while I agree, these people often don’t see the side of them that shows how much they do for people.

I managed to meet many friends through the bands many fan websites back when the internet was more than just social media and some big money making scheme, I did manage to meet one of these wonderful people and got to see the band live together back in 2005 which I talk about here

Some girls had popstars, I had a bunch of rock stars with large egos, and I honestly don’t regret one bit learning and loving this band, who have kept me sane during bad times and helped me connect with thousands of people across the globe.

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