February Goals

Did anyone else feel like January was a rather long month? It was long but I also feel like I didn’t actually get much done in it, I had planned to read a book which never happened, I wanted to get my camera out more often but that never happened either.. I guess perhaps the January blues hit me like a sack of uninspiring bricks and left me feeling extremely exhausted.

But anyway, another month gone and a new one is dawning, its time to share with you what I hope to achieve in the month of February.

  • Save Money –  I have a feeling this will endlessly be on my goals, Mr S and I have decided to plan a birthday party for Kai when his birthday comes around in March and its going to be rather expensive so time to set some cash aside ready for that.
  • Get a new piercing – Not sure if I have already mentioned this but I want to get a new piercing done in my ear, the plan was do it in January but I just never found the time to go sort it out.
  • Be More Organised – I am a mess most of the time, very forgetful and utterly useless with everything.. I need to write down everything that needs doing and create a check list.. which my Bullet Journal will come in handy with.
  • More family trips – Pretty simple, we now have a car so we need to get out more.
  • Buy lighting equipment for photos – I live in England and the weather at the minute is just rain, dark and cold.. so I haven’t had the chance to take many blog photos because the lighting has been so bad.
  • Put my phone down – I will hold my hands up and say, I use my phone far to much and I want to change that a little, I will still use it but not like I used to
  • Sort out a play room – Tiny flat means no space for anyone, all the children’s stuff is in their room, clothes and toys and I want to move things about and turn our large cupboard which houses a fridge and various other things into a play room for the children’s toys to go, so their bedroom will have some much needed space and hopefully move Robin into their room.

A part of me wants to complete all of these for the next month, but I know some of them will cross over into March and probably beyond as I am a professional procrastinator haha.

What plans have you got set for the month ahead?

Until next time


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