Places to visit in Majorca.

We as a family do not go away very often, I think its just down to the price or the fact that our parents arent the ones who book the all important tickets for you but now that we are adults its time for us to plan and prep for the up and coming sunny days away in our beautiful world and what better than to do a little run down of all the exciting things you can find when after you’ve done the all important and adult thing which is to book Majorca flights and hotel


Palma Aquarium

Housing one of the largest shark tanks in the world, this amazing place is a must if you are visiting with children, we all know how much children love seeing fish float about in the calm and dark of the walkways, its beautiful and educational, with animals from all over our ocean and an incredible collection of marine plant life, the Aquarium itself has one many awards and is one of the islands top destinations for tourists, a must to add to your holiday bucket list.

Katmandu Park  –

Located in Magaluf and is the only theme park in Majorca this amazing theme park is full of lots of things to do with the family, from fun splash parks to the exciting Asylum which is for older children only and many many more fun things to do for all the family, open from April to October is a perfect addition to an exciting holiday abroad

Palma Cathedral –

Situated in the city of Palma is this amazing gothic cathedral which over looks the sea and if you are anything like my husband then you would love this amazing piece of history and I know being the photographer in the family would be endlessly snapping away at the beautiful architecture

Caves of Drach – 

If you are up for some exploring then this is the place to go head to Porto Cristo and there you will find the cave, inside the cave itself is Lake Martel which is known for being one of the largest underground lakes in the world, if you would travel by boat across the lake you will find classical music which is played daily at the location. a stunning piece of natural history in the making and a fascinating look at geography.

Now that I’ve shared these amazing places, where would you visit on Majorca?

Until next time


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