June 27, 2019

Is My Child in the Right Maths Set?

Is My Child in the Right Maths Set?

Being put in the wrong set is hugely demotivating for kids, especially if they’re put in a set lower than they were hoping for. Sets are important because, as your kids get older, they determine which GCSE level they prepare for. With that said, if you think your child is in the incorrect set, aim to rectify the situation as soon as you can by speaking with the school. An independent school in London have put together the following advice for parents who are unsure if their child is in the wrong maths set.

If your child seems bored of maths and they find the work too easy, it might be because they should be in a higher set. Alternatively, if they’re finding it too hard and they’re frustrated after each lesson, then perhaps they need to be in a lower set. Either way, alarm bells should be ringing. It’s important for children to find their school work a challenge, but not so much so that they become disheartened.

Keep an eye on your child when they’re doing their maths homework to see how quickly they complete it. It’s also important to talk to them about their school day and ask open ended questions so that you can try and establish whether or not you think they are in the right sets.

If you are worried, make an appointment with your child’s maths teacher or someone in a more senior position to discuss what they can do. Some schools won’t want to change sets until the end of the year when all children do a test or exam. Other schools are more flexible and may move children sooner. Bear in mind that the disruption of moving classes and getting a new teacher might be counter-productive and be sure to weigh up the pros and cons.


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