July 9, 2019

A Parent’s Guide to SATs

A Parent’s Guide to SATs

Year 6 can be a stressful time for children and parents; preparing for secondary school, saying goodbye to teachers and just genuinely growing up. Now add to this mix of stress and emotions the upcoming SATS season! As a parent all we want to do is help our children succeed and be happy in life. So how can we help them with their year 6 SATS? Manor Lodge, a Leading Prep School in Hertfordshire, has compiled a helpful checklist to make sure we are helping our children as best we can!

Checklist for a Stress Free SATS week:

· Encourage your child to start revision early; don’t let them leave it all till the last minute!

· Introduce a study timetable with regular breaks and rewards

· If they are struggling with any particular subjects or topics plan extra study sessions and ask their teachers for support

· Make sure your child gets an early night and plenty of sleep the week of SATS

· Plan extra healthy meals for the week and don’t let them skip on breakfast!

· Get up earlier than usual to wake up and prepare for exams – especially the morning ones

· Plan something exciting once SATS are over so you all have something to look forward to

· If your child is feeling extra nervous show them some breathing exercised to do on the day

· Most importantly try to reduce their stress levels. Reassure them that they can only do their best and whatever result they get you will still be proud of them.

Keep an eye out for signs of stress around SATS season and make sure they know that they can talk to you about anything. Signs to look out for include becoming irritable or short tempered, their behaviour changing or seeming particularly distracted and struggling to concentrate.

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