July 23, 2019

End of Year 4 and 2

Its that time of year again when I look back at what my wonderful children have done in their school year, its hard to believe that my eldest will be going into year 5 next term, one more year and he will be off to secondary school and teen hood, children seriously need to slow down a little bit!

Kai – 

I am so proud of how far Kai has come along this year, he’s turning into an intelligent and caring child, seeing his report this year truly filled me with so much pride, despite the drama in his life at the moment it’s clearly not doing any harm to him and he has excelled at everything he’s done.

He has gone from this shy little boy to someone who actually enjoys being in charge and joining in with group activities in school, his language and writing skills are coming along beautifully and I honestly cannot wait to see what year 5 has in store for him!

He is endlessly full of surprises with the fact he decided to no longer eat meat a few months ago and is going strong with that. I am so proud of him.

Amelia –

The one thing I love about Amelia in school is just how popular she is, as someone who was ignored and bullied for most of her school years seeing my daughter have so many friends and being liked by everyone fills me with joy.

She is smart, creative and is always drawing or doing something artsy, just recently she’s gotten into photography like me and its been wonderful seeing her grow a new skill and create some photographic memories of her friends in school as well as family.

I know she’s going to continue to thrive as she goes through school and like Kai, I am so proud of her.


After the summer holidays are over, my baby is going onto preschool, it finally happened, I no longer will have any of my children home with me, she is extremely ready for preschool and I cannot wait for her to start bringing home drawings and other things they create.

I will miss my little partner in crime, but I also cannot wait for her to start a new chapter in her life.

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