August 9, 2019

How to Motivate Your Kids to Learn

How to Motivate Your Kids to Learn

It will come as no surprise to parents that not every child has an innate willingness to learn. Children who are good learners were not born this way; they had to become good learners. With the right motivation and basic skill, any child can become a good student and get the grades they need to succeed in life. Here’s some advice from a prep school in Kensington to help you understand how to motivate your child to learn.

Where possible, try and be enthusiastic about learning around your children, even if your own experience of school wasn’t great. Enthusiasm rubs off so if they see that you’re excited to learn new things, they too will be excited. On the other hand, if you talk about how nasty your teachers were or the time you were bullied by another student, you’ll only terrify your child and they will have a poor attitude towards school.

It’s important to focus on the learning itself and the effort that is going into it, rather than the performance. With that in mind, always ask your child questions about what was explored during their lessons, rather than asking them how they did in their most recent test. Always praise them for trying their best and focus on their strengths, even if their achievements are small. The more positive you are about their academic experience, the harder they’re likely to try and therefore the better their results will be.

Where school is concerned, many kids feel like they’re constantly being controlled. Try and put them in the driver’s seat as much as possible so that they don’t withdraw from learning. For instance, don’t force them into any particular extra-curricular activity; let them choose for themselves. When they’re moving on from one school to another, allow them to be involved in the decision of which school they will attend. The more input and control they have over their education, the more engaged and motivated to learn they’ll be.

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