September 10, 2019

How to know if your child need’s a tutor.

How to know if your child need’s a tutor

Whether to build confidence unlock potential or to help your child pass the all-important entry examinations, there are a multitude of reasons why your child may benefit from private tuition. As parents, you can now access private tuition more easily than ever, but how do you know when it’s time to enlist help? A successful Prep school in West London list the following most common signs to help you know if your child would benefit from extra tuition…

1. Falling behind and or slow progress

This is often one of the prime reasons why parents and children seek extra tuition from a private tutor. It can be difficult for classroom teachers to give each child their full attention especially in larger classes. Perhaps you have changed school or there has been a disruption to your child’s schooling for some reason. If your child doesn’t grasp a new method or concept properly from the beginning or there are gaps, it can be hard for them to catch up and progress further while the rest of the class are moving on. A personal tutor can focus on gaps and key areas of the curriculum and set the pace appropriate for your child.

2. Unlocking potential

Whether you hire a tutor to help your child catch up, boost confidence or lift attainment in the run-up to entry exams, he or she can also provide a bridge between a family and school.

3. Building confidence

Fear of failure can feel overwhelming to some children. If your child lacks confidence, a tutor can help to bolster their self-belief. Some children may simply benefit from positive reinforcement.

4. Parental guidance

It is of course important to ensure that routine homework is completed by pupils and not by tutors! However, hiring a tutor can lift a significant burden on parents when it comes to schoolwork. If you feel that you cannot dedicate the time your child needs support with school work out of school hours yourself, you may decide it best to hire a tutor to support with the completion of homework.

5. Exam preparation

It seems obvious, but for many children and teenagers a tutor will provide the extra momentum they need to pass an upcoming exam whether it be GCSEs, A Levels, the 11-plus or the 13-plus.

I hope the above advice will help you decide whether your child would benefit from the extra tuition and support of a private tutor.


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