Roughly a month ago I got the good idea to turn our unused storage room into something a little different, we live in a smallish two bedroom flat and there honestly isn’t enough room for all of us, the older two share a bedroom with each other along with their clothes and toys and honestly it can become a bit messy in there with both of them being children and not knowing how to clean up after themselves.

So after I sat on Pinterest I decided that this small box room which is more of a chuck everything into it room into their own playroom which itself ended up being a long and awkward job.

As you can see from this photo, its a mess, poorly painted by the previous tenant and full of our things we just didn’t have space for, but once I got it into my head that I wanted to do something it needed to be done, first things first was removing everything and seeing what needed to be thrown away, all important stuff which I had saved from when my children were babies had been placed into a box anyway so I popped that under the bed and sold my old Quinny buggy, Mr S brought a cupboard for our bedroom to place all his tools and other stuff that he had in there, you cannot see it but at the back of the room there was a desk that he had planned on using but it never happened and once that was all sorted the chest freezer that we got for our wedding was moved into the kitchen where it belonged!

After all that was clear it was time to start the painting which I love doing, and I am not being sarcastic, there is something very therapeutic about painting walls but I asked Mr S to paint around the ceiling because I was being a bit of a wuss and didn’t want to get onto the ladder.

The paint that I picked was from Wilkinson’s and is called Stardust which on the tin looked like this lovely light grey but because of the lighting we have in the play room it gave off a light purple look which if I am being honest, annoyed me greatly, but I continued and just hoped because it was wet and the walls I was painting it onto had purple paint underneath, that it would settle down and be the grey I hoped it would be, which thankfully has done that, so the next thing that was needed is carpet, for which we took a fun little trip to the remnants store!

Whats funny about this is when I was pregnant with Amelia I was addicted to the smell of new carpets, so walking in that store would’ve been a dream come true to me if we did this a few years ago, we found our perfect carpet, a nice neutral sandy colour which I will probably regret later because of the mess, cut it down and it fits in perfectly.

At this point in time, we unfortunately reached a point where we needed to change the light fittings because of the age of them but because Mr S didn’t understand electrics, we stopped for a bit and waited until someone could come around and help fix the new fitting, but while that was going on I decided to look into some styling for the room, and thanks to the wonderful Jenna on twitter for sharing her store Dorkface I got some of her prints which I thought would create a fun theme for the room.

We also have one of these amazing toy bags from Room to Grow, these are by far my favorite form of toy storage and with the little theme of grey, blue and red that we have picked for the play room their beautiful Blue Star Toy Basket* fits perfectly with the childrens pre-existing toy baskets, Room to Grow is a British children’s furniture retailer that host a while range of beautiful and stylish accessories perfect for any child’s bedroom or in our case the toy room and with the size of them it even replaces one of their grey baskets.

We still have so much more to do in the play room but I am honestly so proud of how far we have come with it, there is plenty more that needs to be added, like baskets for their draws as the ones I ordered with the draws were far to big for it so I need to get some different ones, but even without it, I think it looks fantastic and a much better place than just a storage cupboard.

What do you think? Have you ever made a big change in your home like a cupboard into a playroom?

Until next time

Disclaimer - Items marked with a * was sent to me for review, all thoughts are my own.


I know I know, its that time of year again when I drop money into the lap of Lush but I couldn’t help myself, my body needed some sparkly baths and some glorious scented shower gels, this time I wanted to try something different and decided to get some of their Shower Jelly which I have seen all over Instagram of late.. Now I don’t actually have a shower so you might think I am being a little odd with getting a tub of it but I have seen lots of Lushies use it in their bath cocktails and as just a basic soap so that’s my plan.

Whoosh was the one I decided to try first, and I love how it smells, its a mixture of citrus fruits and its so refreshing to use in the morning to help blast those cobwebs away, as I said I cut mine up after snapping the photos and have also been using the odd square to wash my hands with, its a delightfully fresh jelly, its so much fun to wiggle about with too, because who said bath/shower time couldn’t be a fun time!

Dirty Springwash is a bit of an experiment for me, I tend to go for more of a fruity scent with my shower gels but this one sounded like something that I needed to try, its mint, I have told my children that this is exactly how I expect their breath to smell when they brush them, its so minty and I love it! extremely refreshing has left my skin feeling cold, I know that sounds odd but there is something about mint products that leave a chilly sensation on my skin, I actually really like it, the color is beautiful and has left me feeling bright and ready for the day ahead.

Creme Egg  is a bubbleroon, its basically a bubble bar but with a little squidgy center, this one is also another delightful mint scent but its more of a chocolate mint with spearmint mixed in with some beautiful other scents, it comes in three different styles, spotty, circles and marble (I picked marble) and its stunning, it turns the water into a light shade of purple and is just amazing to use, I am glad I decided to try some more of Lush’s limited run products again, its just a shame some don’t hang about for longer.

Let me tell you a little secret about Creamy Candy , remember in the winter Lush brings out the best shower gel scent called Snow Fairy, which is basically a sweetie in liquid bath-time form, this is it, I didn’t realize it until I got to smell this again, it is basically Snow Fairy! so if you are missing that limited edition scent that only comes out once a year, then you can get this, it smells exactly what the name suggests, like a candy/sweet and makes the bath water turn into this beautiful pink shade, it is also the cheapest of the bubble bars which is a win in my book.

Blue Skies and Milky Bath are two that I mix together, Blue Skies turns the bath water into this beautiful light blue shade and with the added Soya Milk powder from Milky Bath makes for one amazing bath-time experience, my children often ask for this cocktail at bath-time because of how ‘water’ like the bath becomes, and also thanks to the luster dust at the top of the bottle bubble bar it makes for a slightly sparkly bath too!


Brightside and Sunnyside are two of my all time favorite bubble bars, these are fruity and make even the hallway outside my bathroom smell amazing, while the luster dust of Sunnyside does cause for some glittery bath stains its one of the most amazing bubble bars have made, Brightside is a orange in a bubble bar, as you can probably tell from the colors the bath water is an stunning sunny yellow/orange and if you mix these two together its the prettiest bath you can have and smells amazing too.

I also asked for some samples, I did ask for one of the soaps that was leaving the store soon but they werent able to get me any so they gave me these four soaps, Bohemian, Sandstone, Sultana of Soap and Parsley Porridge which I wouldn’t have selected myself but I like that they picked them for me to try, I love Sandstone and I am glad they added it.


and there you have it, I wont be doing another one of these until later on in the year as once I took photos I chopped them all up and placed them into jars to make them last a little longer than usual, its just nice to treat yourself occasionally and what better way than to do a lush shop?!

Until next time


Being the idiot that I am, I completely forgot last weeks photograph Sunday post! But fear not! I haven’t forgotten this weeks!

Pictures of the sky have to be my favourite thing, this one reminds me of those beautiful paintings of the sky that just look perfect, the sky in general is my favourite thing.. the colours and the stars and of you are lucky around April time you’ll get a glimpse of a red dot called Mars.

I’ll try not to forget next weeks 🙂


You know me and personalized gifts, I love them, I have so many wonderful pieces of jewelry that have some sort of personalization on them and when I was given an opportunity to try out and review these beautiful watches from Giftsonline4U for their Mother’s Day campaign I was so excited!

There are two different dial styles to choose from and two different face colors, black marble and white marble and space on the front and back to add your own little personalized message, I asked my children what they wanted to put on it and they asked for ‘Our Mummy’ as I am not just mummy to one wonderful child, I am a mummy of three

Giftsonline4u have a whole range of beautiful engraved watches for any occasion which you can find here including some utterly stunning pocket watches and some beautiful engraved gifts for her if you want to give something a little different like some engraved wine bottles or jewellery boxes

The watches themselves are engraved in their workshop and prices are a pretty good £59.99, the quality of the watch really shines with the price, it actually feels more expensive than it costs being that it has a pretty good weight to it,  which is fantastic for any product and the engraving is perfectly done in the back of the face and on the face itself and the strap itself is made out of genuine leather which smells amazing and came in a beautiful box perfect for storing it away when you aren’t wearing it.

The personalized part of ordering is simple and to the point, I was actually amazed at how easy it was to place my customization into it, the front engraving has 12 character spaces on offer while the back offers 85 characters in five separate lines so you can add a little poem or saying that is perfect for any Mothers Day gift.

There is also an option to have it gift wrapped and have a gift card send with so it saves you a little time with the wrapping as we all know how annoying it can be finding the perfect box.


Would you recommend it – I would actually, I love personalized pieces of jewelry and this is right up my alley, the watch feels amazing on and I feel its something that would be great for any kind of gift, not just for Mothers Day.

Price– at £59.99 I feel its a little more in the bigger budgets, but considering some customized watches can be more I think its not that bad a price, I know we all watch our pennies, its one price for all so it doesn’t cost more the more words you add for an example.

Anything Else – The only thing I recommend you do is take a browse around the website and see what other wonderful personalized items they have on offer, I am going to be using Giftsonline4U for my future personalized items because I am honestly impressed with the quality of the watch, I might even send Mr S a link to some of the necklaces they have on offer haha.

Until next time

Disclaimer - This product was sent to me for review purposes only, All thoughts and opinions are my own

Gitte Winter Graugaard’s wonderful book The Children’s Meditation’s In My Heart, which was recently translated from Danish into English is a collection of short meditation’s that help bring more love into a child’s life, to help create an ability to switch off at the end of a busy manic and highly stimulative day and to teach them to take time to love themselves because that is one of the hardest things to do in this world.

The Book itself contains four short stories to share with your child, both Kai and Amelia have really enjoyed the story telling and the almost calm illustrations that open on each story at the end of each story there is two different endings to create one which is for day time, back to play and with hearts full of love and bed time, time for sleep and dream of wonderful things full of love.

It also has little reflections for you to do with your child, much like if its bed time and they’re already fast asleep, spend a little but longer just enjoying the closeness with your child.

Mr S is a little bit of a skeptic with this sort of thing, a little too ‘new age’ for him but I believe that in this day of age that even children need to learn to turn in on themselves and reflect on things and thoughts to create a positive mind and mood.

I have to say my favorite meditation of the book has to be the very last one, With the Universe I Share my Love, it teaches children to look beyond themselves and think of those who might not have the same life they have and teaches them to have empathy for others which is also so important in this world, it creates a little calm and a respect for others that some lack these days.

This is such a beautiful book, in a world full of bad things, finding the time to meditate with your child and help them find love in themselves and for the world is such an important thing to do.

Until next time

Disclaimer - Product was sent to me for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own