Sitting down at my new desk, I decided after the longest time that I am going to jump back in the world of blogging.

I honestly do not know how to start back up again, but I know that the best thing to do is open a new post and say hello once more. These past five weeks have been an interesting one, I have gone through the crap that is a breakdown of my marriage, a lot of accusations and deciding in the new years that I didn’t want to cry over him anymore.

I started learning to drive, something I had always feared but on the 2nd of January I called up the AA and booked my first driving lesson since I was 17 and I love it. I have had a good few lessons already and its so much fun to drive about. i feel so proud of myself for doing it. i am indeed a driving god!

My weight loss has gone into over drive, shortly before my husband left i was around 16/17 stone which is damn shameful to admit, but thanks to the stress of the separation and pending divorce I am now down to 14 stone 10 and I feel great, I now fit jeans that I decided to keep ‘just in case’ and I am really liking what I see in the mirror and have splurged on some beautiful Joe Browns dresses which I discovered thanks to ebay. its nice to finally feel some what pretty again after months if not years stuck at a weight I hated.

Now moving into a brand new month of new and exciting things I feel like I am ready to break down the barriers I have put up to protect myself emotionally, However I am still like an open book which has caused more problems than it should, I enjoy sharing my life online, on my Instagram and twitter but due to the fact that someone and I don’t know who is reporting back to my ex, I don’t know who to trust. As I said I like sharing my adventures and what I get up to with my children but if there is someone who feels the need to whisper into my ex’s ear everytime I spend time with someone else I worry greatly, surely that shouldn’t matter to anyone? and unfortunately my ex is now aware I am dating, something I wasn’t ready to talk about but now have too because hes aware of it. I don’t wish to share to much of it of course but my ex knows his name through reasons I don’t know.

But.. its been a good six weeks so far.. its nice to feel happy after spending so long unhappy and feeling incredibly unwanted.

March is here, spring is right around the corner and my son is turning 9 at the end of it, I wish sort of that none of what happened last year hadn’t but unfortunately here we are, March 2019.. single parent, dating and trying desperately to keep everyone happy.

I hope this year will be far brighter and end on a happier note. I have high hopes that’s for sure 🙂

All the best

Sarah x


You all know how much I am a sucker for beautiful handmade jewelry, going from a consumer to a maker and back to a consumer again I have learnt to love appreciate pieces of jewelry that have been made by hand and created by amazing and talented people who take time and so much care into their work.

Born Gifted was founded back in 2002 by Penny and Jim Wilson who decided to throw caution to the wind and start up a wonderful new business to supply baby gifts and toys and while its been hard, have managed to create a wonderful place to go for bespoke pieces of jewelry and gifts.

The necklace itself is hand stamped so it of course takes a little while to arrive at your door, but that’s standard for handmade items but just make sure that if you decide to place an order with Born Gifted to leave at least a week to ten days for the piece to be made and arrive at your door. The Necklace chain and stamped washer are made with stainless steel which is perfect if you have issues with metal allergies and the washer itself is about 36mm diameter so its a nice size and honestly not too heavy around the neck, I had it on for a little while and barely noticed it.

I got the children’s names stamped onto it, and with each space it is replaced with an adorable little heart stamp which I feel makes the piece of jewelry look beautiful and heartfelt. I am tempted to purchase something similar for the grandparents this Christmas, Born Gifted have many wonderful gift ideas so I am sure I will have a hard time picking the perfect gift for either of them.

Buying handmade is one of things that I am trying to do more and more with gifts and even shop local too because the love and detail that go into handmade items are nothing to dislike, and what I like about Born Gifted is that they seem to have connected many amazing creators together so they share the work of many wonderful talented people to their customers easily which when you are in the hunt for the perfect gift makes things so much easier.

You do have a limit of how many letters you can fit onto it which is 37, so if you want to look around there are more pieces you can get customized and suit your needs if you have a larger family, but other than that I adore this piece, I love how it looks and as I said its not uncomfortable to wear and I have even had a few compliments from it when I have worn it out and about to and from school.

If you are after some beautiful gift ideas for Christmas or just looking for a nice gift to yourself I recommend checking out Born Gifted and see what they have on offer, they often have themed products on show depending on what time of year you check out the website, for an example this was in the mothers day gifts section but there are plenty to choose from.

Disclaimer - This item was gifted to me for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Babyled was founded off the back of basic parenting worries, weaning, Keith and his wife decided to introduce their new baby when it was time to wean to a mixed feeding routine of solid and purees, developing a spread that can be mixed into pasta or made into a little sandwich, Its such a unique way to deal with the cross over between BLW and Traditional weaning which usually is full of arguments on which one is best.

Our weaning journey was extremely different, I found Robin to not be ready when it came time for her to wean into solid food, at six months she still had the reflex to push food out of her mouth when given some, We went down the traditional weaning route with purees that increase texture as she got older and a mixture of jars and homemade products.

As she got older, we still had plenty of these early stage purees in the cupboard, which prompted me to create little pies or pinwheels that she or even Kai and Amelia devoured whenever I made them, So when I was sent these cute little jars of Babyled spreads I had to make some little puff pies for them to enjoy.

I of course had to use the Spicy Pumpkin and Chickpea spread for this little pie, seeing as its pumpkin spice season, there was just enough inside the jar for two puff pies, using Tesco ready made puff pastry that I find always useful to have stored in the fridge for just such an occasion.

Cut up the pastry to the idea size, I went with two rectangle shapes so there was plenty to create a little lid to seal it all up, pour on the spread, dab a small amount of water along the edge of the pastry and using the back of a fork, crimp to prevent spillage. I then brushed the top of the pastry with some milk to give it that extra crunch and popped into the oven for 25 minutes, according to the instructions on the ready roll puff pastry.

Once that is all done and out of the oven, I let them cool before giving them to the children, of course because I have more than one I cut the two puff pies up and before I knew it, all three of my children had devoured them and asked for more.

Which in my eyes is a good sign of a yummy meal!

Have you ever tried Babyled spreads? 



Disclaimer - Product was gifted to me, all thoughts are my own.

At the start of the month, I shared a little post on what to do during the autumn season, things I had planned to do with the children and along with that I wanted to share just how many we managed to do.

Conkers, also called Horse chestnuts which after some googling I found out that they are part of the lychee family, and I guess looking at them, you can sort of see it. Last year we went conker collecting later in the year and unfortunately there wasn’t many left, so I made it my mission to do it sooner rather than later and enjoy the season a bit more.

This time Robin got to get out and collect them too which she enjoyed, however in her sweetness she would call them acorns rather than conkers but that didn’t take away any of the fun she had. We stayed local and made it into a fun little walk as a family as that doesn’t happen very often with Mr S away for many weekends so it was a lovely little family adventure full of beautiful red conkers. We took along a little plastic bag but because of the sheer amount that the children found it split and I sacrificed my big bag that I got from Next which soon began to fill up as well.

There was just so many and a lot of them had only just started to fall, considering that a few days prior the UK got hit by the ex tropical storm Helene (I promise I wont go all weather nerd on you!) and while we here in Essex didn’t get the full force of the storm, it was extremely windy, but I expected a lot more on the ground while exploring. Mr S knocked plenty off the trees and the children enjoyed throwing the ones still in their little casings into the ground.

We collected so many that they managed to fill up one of those 9kg tubs of bird food!

I of course took my camera out with me, I am trying to use my Nikon a lot more in hopes that it will help improve my photo skills, to much of everyone’s annoyance. Here are the photos I took



We are hoping to be able to complete our little bucket list for the autumn season, there is just something so magical about this time of year that makes want to get out and explore, its a shame it only lasts for a little while.

Have you ticked anything off your autumn bucket list yet?


Normally when we think of the RSPB it isn’t for beauty products or even toys, but more of the care and of course protection of our feathered friends. To help support this important charity every Christmas they have their own Christmas book that you can order gifts from for your family, or even for yourself if you fancy.

One of the items in their book is these amazing skincare products which I was kindly sent to share with you. The Victorian Flora range is inspired by the Victorian gardens in which had been popular when the RSPB was founded all those years ago with a scent that reminds me of another product that I cannot put my finger on.

The fantastic thing of buying from the RSPB Christmas book is knowing that the products are friendly to animals and to you, this bath set is vegan friendly and thankfully is not tested on animals which is something I always check when I purchase products from companies and also none of the wonderful scents that are included in the products are artificial.

Another plus from me!

Body Lotion

The body lotion itself smells amazing, it feels light on my skin and the scent lingers around for a lot longer than I expected, I am used to body lotions that sort of go on strong and disappear throughout the day. The applicator is a pump which I personally prefer than just squeezing the bottle, Which then means that I don’t over do the amount of lotion that I use.

Bath Foam

The bath foam is a lot stronger than the lotion, A tiny amount goes a long way and created lots of delightfully scented bubbles that linger on the skin after you are dry. I have been using mine as a hand wash and its made my hands feel soft.


Along with these two amazing products, also in the Victorian Flora range is a body butter and I love body butters, I have a feeling that I am going to use the RSPB Christmas book for some gifts this year for family, they have a wonderful robin collection and also have jewelry too. The best of all is that buying off the RSPB will help give money to such an important charity which helps and supports not only common garden birds but the rare ones as well.

To see what else they have to offer check out the RSPB shop site here and support such an amazing charity

Disclaimer - item was gifted to me for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own.