Does anyone else love sitting down and browsing Instagram, I’ve been finding myself do this more and more each day, my husband jokes that its a middle class thing but i have began to adore prints and posters, I used to think these kind of things looked silly but now that I have had the chance to mess around with some fantastic prints from Desino which is an absolutely beautiful company that has many amazing styles and designs for any room in the house.

If any of you have been watching my Insta stories I have been painting my kitchen, its something that has been in the works for a while now and one day I had enough and started painting away with some beautiful dark grey paint.. but a new painted wall is only exciting when it has beautiful artwork included on it, these fabulous prints really make my kitchen wall they are the Herb Green and the Vegetable Posters and I think they look perfect. The kitchen is always overlooked when it comes to styling, we use it every day so why not make it look beautiful and add your own little touches, I adore the styling of these prints, its almost a quirky look that I honestly feel works beautifully in my kitchen above my oven and while the Whales Poster doesn’t really fit into the kitchen, I love how it looks against the grey paint of the wall.

Along with those prints I also ordered a few prints for the children’s play room, I am now officially addicted to adding new and amazing art to their room to make it look beautiful (if only they kept it tidy hey!) simplistic and beautiful that as I have said before simply just make a room look perfect and this World Map Animal poster really fits perfectly in the room.

Along with stunning prints Desino also offer a selection of frames to order along side the prints, so that you do not have to worry about getting the wrong size once your order arrives at your door, I went with black frames because I always find that black literally goes with anything and gives a good border between the print itself and the wall behind it, browsing through the website right now and I am finding more and more prints I want to add to my home, namely these stunning floral prints that I honestly feel that they would look beautiful in our bedroom and I am now itching to make a new order!

if you adore amazing prints that are great quality and as I have said just seem to make a room feel complete then I highly recommend you get onto Desino and have a look around and use the code “mummycatnotes” gives 25% off posters* between May 22nd and May 24th *Except for frames and  handpicked-/collaboration posters.




Since I can remember, I have always wanted to do something that helped others have children, I wasnt sure if I was going to go down the route of surrogacy, I have sat and read a load of information with that subject and keeping in mind that this was before I had my own children, it sounded like the perfect thing for me back when I was younger, I had this urge to experience pregnancy but back when I was a bit younger I dont think I was mentally ready (who is haha?) to have my own children..

but the only issue I had was mainly that I didn’t know where to even start, and it wasn’t until I had Robin that I didn’t reconsider it, mainly because one of my wonderful friends in my facebook baby group shared she herself was donating her eggs and suddenly the doors got opened up, I asked her all sorts of questions and the main one was who she was using to do all this with and she recommended Altrui and gave me a run down on what to do.

On the site there is a little questionnaire to fill in about yourself and your life, how many children you’ve had and other health related questions, one of them was if I have had issues with mental health and I decided to be completely honest and say that I do have social anxiety, there was also a section for what your personality is like and my personality now is miles different to what is once was before I had children so I had to ask Mr S to tell me what I was like.. shared hobbies and other bits and pieces.. it all felt so good to finally get it done after sitting on it for months thinking over things,

Mr S is so supportive of it all, his main worry was just that if they damage my ovaries when they remove the viable eggs because we aren’t done with our family just yet and one of my biggest worries is to not be able to have children and he doesn’t want me to do this and have that taken away from me, which I completely understand but I told him not to worry and they do this kind of thing all the time so the likelihood of something going wrong is minimal and of course I would need to have injections which with me being a complete coward I want him to do as I do not think that I am capable of doing myself.

I filled it all in and sent it off and on Tuesday I got an email back and despite the fact that I have had three healthy children, zero health issues besides mental health.. I am to fat to donate my eggs, I felt really down.. something I have always wanted to do now feels like its impossible, but they want me to lower my BMI only by 10, and I wish for the day when people stop using BMI, because we all know how useless and pointless it is and I now feel stuck..

So I did something even I am suprised by, I contacted my old Slimming World consultant and asked if there would be an issue with me coming back to the group..

This will be a long and hard journey but I want to one day help a family out there who are so desperate for a child have their dream come true, and if that means fighting my anxiety by going to Slimming World every week… if that means working my fat arse off.. I will do that.

on the 30th I am going back, only because my husband is away next week and I want to go alone without any children..

wish me luck..


I am useless, I had planned to do April’s box bit with how busy that month was it just never happened but no worries, its time to explore what I got on the May box! and how beautiful does this box look! I had a huge clear out over the weekend and chucked out all my older boxes because I simply didn’t have the room for them but decided to keep all the pretty limited ones and this one has joined the collection! but enough about the box.. onto the goodies!!


Just For Feet Jelly Foot Soak – I know this sounds really weird but when feet care is needed its often down the weird route, I plan on doing a nice review about this in an up coming post so I can fully share with you what I completely think of this fun and interesting product.

Maria Nala Shampoo and Conditioner – This shampoo is wonderful! I wish I had this when I was growing up as my hair was this frizzy mess as a teen and this shampoo and conditioner is such a great little set, I am usually really picky with what I put on my hair with the fact that my hair can get very greasy quickly but this has made my hair feel smooth and it smells amazing too.

Kueshi Facial Makeup Remover – Being a mother, my makeup remove is usually a baby wipe because who  has time to take their face off properly, but I have always wanted to try a liquid based remover and this one with an oil, that’s there to give your tired skin a little refreshing sensation when you remove your makeup, it works fantastically and I am glad this was part of this months box.

Trifle Cosmetics Praline Palette  – One can never have to many palettes right? this one from Trifle Cosmetics, which I have never heard of before is beautiful! six dark shades that can be used wet or dry, the shades are stunning and I love the packaging too, perfect size to fit in a handbag or travel bag!

and the a wonderful little extra treat of this interesting tea called We Are Tea, I am so picky when it comes to tea, I literally only drink one type and that’s English Breakfast but I am willing to give Ear Grey a go as it does have such a delightful scent and I know you aren’t meant to but a dash of milk and some sugar made this tea perfect for me.


That’s it for this months box, one of the things about Glossybox that I love is how many items that are vegan friendly and also friendly to our environment, this has to have been my favorite box so far, if you are interested in trying Glossybox yourself click here.

Until next time


With the summer holiday just around the corner and finding nothing to do without breaking the bank and you will be honestly surprised what is actually in London to enjoy and explore so I wanted to share some fun things that you can do in our capital city that you might enjoy doing with your children and you can find many top deals on London attractions with Groupon!

The Science Museum

One of my favorite memories of visiting London is exploring this wonderful museum, in South Kensington, Founded in 1857 and I think me and my family have visited the place so many times, I have plans to take my children there at some point, the excitement of running up to find the amazing glass bridge which I remember being told was ‘musical’ when in fact it was a marvel of engineering, a glass bridge that was supported with steel wires!

The Natural History Museum

If you are a fan of dinosaurs and the history of our natural world then this is the place to head to, I also have some wonderful fond memories of walking into the big hall and seeing Dippy the Diplodocus (Who is currently on tour around the UK), walking into the Darwin exhibitions and seeing evolution right before your eyes, my absolute love of dinosaurs and planet earth comes from this wonderful place.

Madam Tussaud’s

You cannot go into London without going to one of the biggest attractions, meet famous celebrities and heads of states.. well their wax figures I mean, the last time I went they had this fun area full of histories serial killers which was housed in this dark maze with many actors making people jump, it was absolutely amazing if a little scary.

Tate Modern

One of the most amazing art galleries you can find, with famous modern works of art some of which you might recognize and others you have never heard of, one of the big things about the Tate Modern is their giant exhibition area which has often been in the news with different and often interactive works namely a giant slide or complete darkness, if you can manage to go when one of these are showing then you are lucky to experience it.

Hyde Park

If you don’t mind a bit of a walk, up the Mall past the Queens residence is the beautiful Hyde Park with paddle boats and of course the wonderful Diana Memorial which you can dip you tired feet in during a hot day, Hyde Park isn’t to far from the first two attractions that I mentioned so are wonderful if you want to go and eat some lunch and take time out in this rare piece of green surrounded by the city.


What fun things do you enjoy getting up to in London? or even your own city/town.

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Sometimes with my blog I like to take time out on all the scheduled posts and give a little life update, because lets face it, that’s what blogging used to be about, sitting down and updating those who follow you about daily life and anything in-between and so I have been mildly afk due to some life stuff I thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on why I haven’t done much in the case of writing and blogging, hell even my twitter and instagram have taken a beating.


This week has been one of the hardest I’ve dealt with lately, for the past two or three weeks, I’ve honestly lost count, Robin hasn’t been eating properly.. we’ve offered her food but she has this new thing of throwing whatever we’ve offered her onto the floor and then when she did eat something, it hasn’t been the most healthiest of things but to add to the stress, shes also had a horrific cold and those with children will understand that when one child has a cold, the parents suffer the most.

I cannot remember the day this all started, all I know is that this is the first time in a long while that I have almost passed out in a car journey back from food shopping on thursday evening.. I feel like a sick toddler is harder than a newborn, because lets face it, newborns will happily go back to sleep once they have been dealt with and the mornings arent as bad.. because you could just put the newborn back into its bed and it will let you have a few extra minutes of peace.

..a two year old however.. will throw her toys at you or scream at you if you so much as touch your head to the pillow, we’ve co-shared the bed, we’ve been tough and told her to go back to sleep but its now at the point where bedtime or.. I guess night time is a big struggle and its actually caused me to really judge my ability of being a mother and really push my sanity to its limits and while it has been difficult, I have tried to look at it all with a positive outlook, I have been getting lots of cuddles of Robin and while I haven’t done much writing on the actual blog I have so many ideas written down for lots of posts for the month of May which I am hoping to get written and posted once her routine goes back to normal and thankfully because of her being poorly Mr S has been doing the school runs for me allowing me to not have to get makeup on and let my skin breath a little…

Funny how a few sick days can sometimes be a little curse as well a blessing.. and with a better nights sleep my brain is feeling a lot less fuzzy and Robin is feeling better in herself, back to her demonic little self!

Which in turn hopefully means that next week will be the most productive week yet!

until next time