I have said this a few times already but one of my goals for 2018 is to read more, I don’t really read much as it is but mainly due the fact that its hard to find any time in the day to sit down and read, but luckily for me one of my wonderful blogging friends Vicki over at Tippytupps has created a reading challenge that I honestly feel like I could do!


I have decided to switch a few around a bit, mainly the ‘Book published this year’ because I want to wait until more have come out before I pick something, so my first post will be going up at the end of the month and will chosen by someone else which is The Rook by Daniel O’Malley that was chosen for me by Neil my gaming buddy, and I am slowly working through at the minute.

I look forward to reporting back what I have read at the end of the month and cannot wait to expand my reading.

If you are interested in taking part in the challenge yourself here is a link back to the original post.

Until next time.

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One of my wonderful blogger friends Caitylis has a delightful little Linky over at her blog that I just had to join in, its to do with photography and you all know how much I love taking a good photo once in a while.

Plus I feel like it will give be a great opportunity to get my Nikon out a lot more often than just for blog posts and flat lay shots!

The premise is to post some of your favorite photos from the previous month, simple and easy.. Oh and of course not forgetting to link up when she posts her linky at the start of the next month..

Here are my photos from December, I know there aren’t many but as it turns out December was a mentally mad busy month and we just didn’t get out often..(Now that we have a car I am going to make sure we do things as a family at the weekends so expect A LOT more photos in the months to come.)











I am now excited to see what this month will bring.

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Seeing as we are now mobile, I got Mr S to promise to, after christmas was over of course, to run me to a Lush store and let me experience my first time in one, I have always wanted to go into a store because you cant always tell what things are like on the website AND there are store exclusives too.

but here is my little (haha little?) haul of goodies that I picked up there during the sales..

Bubble Bars

If you’ve seen any posts about lush before you’ll know I am a bubble bar addict, naturally I picked up my favorites which are the beautiful and sparkly Sunnyside, the fruity and citrus filled Brightside and the sweet smelling Candy Mountain, I had to grab two of those because they are just lovely.





I have never tried hard shampoo before, this was sold to be by the lovely woman in the store, its extremely cinnamon scented and really strong but I honestly wanted to give it a try, expect a little review in the future about the product, heres a little link to the product if you fancy giving it a try


Shower Gels

The main reason why I wanted to head to a store was to find a few more bottles of Snow Fairy, as Lush for this sale was a store only sale and you couldn’t get much online and unfortunately Snow Fairy has been a really popular thing this year so I didn’t find any.. But I did grab Twilight after reading about it and another bottle of Berry Berry Christmas.



Gift Boxes

I only got one, this contained a Golden Wonder bath bomb and a Man in the Moon bubble bar, the Golden Wonder was used that night in a bath for the children and they adored it, I am not usually a fan of bath bombs but this one was wonderful and smelt delightful!

Man in the Moon smelt delightful but I wasn’t too keen on the color that the water went, it was sort of a yellowy green but the smell was lovely!



and that’s it, did you attempt the sales? what is your favorite lush product from christmas?



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There is always something special about a brand new year drawing, perhaps its the idea of a new start on things and setting yourself goals for that year ahead.. I want to quickly thank Sarah over at The Parenting Trials for tagging me in the 18 Goals for 2018 post.

  1. Be more positive – I think this just goes without saying really, I mentioned this in my January goals post but it is something I truly want to do in the year ahead.. no more sad down me, no more letting others bring me down and onto a happier person.
  2. Get out more – The plan is to go out as a family more often at the weekends, I know Mr S works on his site during the weekends but it would be wonderful, more so in the spring months to get out and visit local area’s we couldn’t before because of a lack of a car.
  3. Take more photos – Photography is a big part of me, I got my Nikon D60 in 2008 for Christmas and since then I haven’t stopped taking photos ‘Tom’ used to come everywhere with me but I kept hearing people complain about me bringing it places and I stopped taking photos with it, not anymore! Tom is going everywhere with me!
  4. Read more books – I sometimes find it hard to have the time to read, but I want to start again, a good blogger friend of mine has started a monthly challenge and I am going to take part in it – here’s a little link to The 2018 Book Challenge if you fancy giving it a go yourself.
  5. Eat less meat – I am a meat eater, I love a good BBQ pulled pork or a yummy chicken burger but I want to limit my meat intake, not so much go back to being a vegetarian but cut out beef/lamb and just have chicken and have a lot more vegetable only meals.
  6. Contact brands – When I started this blog, it was just a place I could go to, to moan basically, but I have always wanted to work with some of my favorite indie brands in the baby scene, not that blogging is about brands, but its a little goal of mine this year to not be a wuss and send out some emails.
  7. Meet Becca – She has been such an amazing friend, through a lot of rubbish, shes always there if I need to talk to someone, just like how I am there for her, I am so blessed to have met such a wonderful lady and I want to make this year the year I meet her.
  8. Try new things – I am a very fussy person, it takes a lot for me to try different food or drink and I want to come out of my comfort zone a little more
  9. Start a Bullet Journal – In my baby group on Facebook, we have all started a bullet journal group and I have one on order, I want to keep it up throughout the year, its going to be more of a blogging journal rather than a usual bullet journal but I am excited to start it.
  10. Write more – more blogging and more writing in general, I used to write all the time but since having children its sort of gone out the window.
  11. Reach 2,000 followers on twitter – Pretty basic simple goal, I might even sort out a competition for when I reach it.
  12. Move – We are on a little waiting list for houses at the minute, each week we ‘bid’ on one and hope that we are selected and I truly hope that this year we will get a new place and move in.
  13. Go to RTXLondon – I have talked a little about Rooster Teeth (well Achievement Hunter) but they came to London for their expo last year and I honestly want to attempt to go to this years expo, its always lovely to meet people in the same fan group as you.
  14. Spend Less – I like shopping, who doesn’t? but I really want to be able to save up money each week and not ever be in the minus in my bank anymore.
  15. Be a better friend – No longer will I be sad in the corner feeling lonely, I am going to be more active and supportive to my friends online and in real life.
  16. De-clutter – Tiny flat, five people plus a cat, means only one thing and thats just lots of stuff and I want it all gone, sick of things sitting in corners, a de-clutter will make my mind less fuzzy too.
  17. Go to gaming events with Mr S – He has a website with a bunch of other awesome writers and creators and often he goes to events alone and to be honest, hes terrible at social media and I want to help him out a little with taking photos of him and others at events.
  18. Lower my sugar intake – I have to much sugar, in my tea or sweets and I want to cut it in half.. part of my better diet etc I want to limit the sugar that goes into my body.

And there are my goals, I hope that I do manage to achieve them, what are you main goals this year?

I tag SarahBecca and Ash

Until next time

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I remember the day we started to plan for baby two, we had gone to dinner with some friends, it was a cold December day and we went to Pizza Hut, we did it in text form to keep it private from our friends.

I personally think having our second was my idea, I don’t think Mr S had much choice in the matter, Kai was around 8/9 months old at the time and honestly, it felt right so we started trying!

We had a slight hiccup at the start of it all, Kai developed a stomach bug, which of course was passed around the family so really the first month of TTC didn’t go to plan at all, second month I did get a positive but it ended in an extremely early miscarriage known as a Chemical Pregnancy which I talk about here but on month three, which was around March… it happened.. a positive! I couldn’t believe it! it was really light but it was 100% a positive test! my BIG FAT POSITIVE!


I was so excited I joined an online forum to talk about it all and of course call up the midwife and get planning, but due to the previous loss, I had this fear which I didn’t experience with Kai, it didn’t even cross my mind I would’ve lost him at any point, but I was terrified of loosing this one..

Week 6 hit and I started to bleed, this was it, this was the end, I got an appointment with the EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) and they told me my cervix was still closed but wasn’t sure where the bleeding was coming from so I was due to have a scan the next day, which was a barrel of laughs!

At the scan, they had to do an internal which I have never experienced before, its super uncomfortable, not painful, just a little ‘ughhh’ and on the screen was an empty black space, a small dot and a lot of nothing, they dated my pregnancy back a week and I had to go back in for a follow up scan one week from now, and honestly that week was such a horrible time, I was bleeding still and I had that fear there, what if I go back and there wasn’t anything there?!

One week later, on the screen was a fetal pole, a yolk sack and A HEART BEAT! I gave it a little nickname of ‘Prawn’ as we had named Kai ‘Shrimp’ and we decided to share our news to the world earlier than planned, I was just too excited!!

I was still bleeding, and after many internal exams *shudder* I was told because of the short time between one pregnancy and another my cervix was a little sensitive and would ‘spot’ every now and then, and thankfully that stopped completely by the time I reached week 10!

12 weeks

Around week 13 it was the dating scan, everything was perfect, this little prawn shaped object now looked like a human, only much smaller, baby wriggled away on the screen and it was so wonderful to see and from then on, everything was clear sailing.

I started to feel flutters around the 16 week mark and just before the 20 week anomaly scan I was feeling tiny baby kicks, this pregnancy was feeling great!

Before we had the 20 week scan, we had decided to see the gender, but I was so nervous if it was a girl, I don’t know why, I think one of the factors is that I was worried that if I had a girl, K would be forgotten, because for some reason, I felt like everyone wanted a girl, everyone kept telling me how wonderful it would be to have a girl AND a boy, and I honestly wanted another boy.. but being awkward, on the scan, the baby had its legs crossed so I was left with the next 20 weeks wondering and worrying..

20 weeks

Around the 28-30 weeks mark, my hands and feet started to itch and swell, I couldn’t wear my engagement ring anymore and it was so uncomfortable, after a few blood tests and once overs it was determined that the cause was bile acid, I cant remember 100% what the term was but the midwives didn’t seem to worried but said to call if I experience swelling..


The next weeks went by, and around 38 weeks I didn’t feel right, movements had slowed down so we went to the hospital for just a little check up only to then be told that my waters were ‘bulging’ and that I was already at 4cms, they had me on the monitor and her heart raced at 200bpm so the midwives took the lead, put me onto a drip and broke my waters.

At this time, Mr S was at work, he worked for GAME and that night was a midnight launch for Battlefield 3, so lucky for him, he got the night off work..

I honestly only remember two things from that labour, the intense craving for a burger and the desperate need to have a wee, having her I was in active labour to quickly for me to have an epidural and there is nothing more frustrating and frightening than being told you couldn’t have any pain relief but in three and a half hours of fighting with the midwife about the gas and air mouth piece being taken off me because ‘i wasn’t using it properly’ and being told to push when I didn’t have any contraction she was born at 2:22am on the 28th October.

and she was the absolute double of her big brother, I asked ‘what did i have’ and then came the ‘girl! you had a girl’ and actually asked to look, just to be 100% sure, daddy cut her cord and she was plopped onto my stomach all pink, angry and a full 8lbs 4oz and we named her Amelia after the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic, I wanted her to know that regardless of her gender, she could do whatever she wishes and I couldn’t think of a better person to name her after.


Mr S went home to go let my mum go home who was looking after Kai and I was wheeled over into the birthing unit which was just the best place to go have a baby, peaceful AND you can get up and go make a tea at whatever time you wanted.

We came home the same day in the evening and began our life as a family of four..

(Plus cats..)

Until next time

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