It’s hard to explain it and I am sure it’s not an every woman thing but there is this undeniable urge to extend my family.

Normally this feeling hits when the baby is around 3 months old, for me at least.. but as the months go on the feeling gets a little stronger the more my baby grows and becomes more and more independent.

I have asked, mentioned it a few times here and there but sadly because of our lack of space we simply cannot grow our family anymore, even R is a tight squeeze in our tiny two bedroom flat but still that urge is there eating away at me, knowing my body clock is slowly ticking away.

I think I just love babies, I love the smell of them and their tiny wrinkly skin, I love their hand movements and their facial expressions.. and then they grow out of their newbornness and that’s when I feel the urge.. but is a common thing, I believe its got something to do with hormones, you look at these tiny humans you’ve created and can’t help but want one more.

I don’t like pregnancy, I have never liked it, even during my first pregnancy I hated every second, I didn’t like how I didn’t have control over my body, how I had to abide by a bunch of stupid medical rules.. I know that’s extremely selfish of me to think that, I even feel like that about after birth, if you breastfeed you are still supplying food for another person and not just yourself..

I believe that’s part of the reason I will never breastfeed.

but even with all the pain, the leg cramps and the after birth issues.. I adore babies! Looking back at photos of my three fills me with a mixture of sadness and longing of them to just stop growing so quickly, my eldest is now a 7-year-old and I still remember the moment he was past to Mr S after birth, his little pink face all sore from the forceps.

Why do I want another baby? I just do, I will wait until we have the space for the next one.. but that urge.. that craving will linger forever until that day comes..

I swear… ill be starring in 16 kids and Counting in the near future!!!!

Mummy Cat


I think as a mother of three or more we all have these moments..

  • When your new baby’s first word is ‘no’ from using it so often with the older two.
  • When you hide in the bathroom to get a five minute break from the madness.
  • When a share bag of wotsis is a suitable lunch for yourself.
  • When your cup of tea develops a skin on top, that’s how long ago you made it.
  • When your new best friend is eBay!
  • When honestly cannot remember the last time you had a grown up conversation.
  • When you know it doesn’t really matter how they are fed, just that they are! (what? beans on toast is a great meal!!).
  • When your only form of social interaction is though 200 + awesome ladies on a facebook baby group.

and finally…

  • When you cry after running out of your favorite dry hairspray and have to figure out how to fit washing your hair into tomorrows busy schedule.

Dont get me wrong, I love it… but its been one of those days today!

Mummy Cat


A lovely mummy friend of mine recently started making and designing fabric bibs, I adore handmade baby items so I ordered Robin two beautiful bibs via her etsy page.. there is also a facebook page to browse and buy from if you, like me, get a bit confused with Etsy

The two bibs I picked are the Oliver space and rockets bib and the Isla bird print bib.

They are beautifully sewn together with two poppers on the back for different sizes.

I adore them, as I said I love handmade baby items and unique patterns, while the rocket bib is designed for a boy, I think it pulls off being used for any baby as after all, anyone can love space 🙂

I highly recommend you go and grab yourself some of these lovely handmade bibs! I think I may find myself ordering some more soon!

Until next time

Mummy Cat

Disclaimer: I paid for these with my own money, all views and opinions are my own.


Finally! My eldest kittens are back at school, they should’ve gone back the week before but they had an extra week off aaahh!!

It’s not been that bad, they spent most of it playing in their bedrooms with their toys with only a few arguments between them.. I was just glad that it was back to normal and back to a routine again after the damage that Christmas brought!
Their first week back I literally spend three days in town enjoying a little peace and quiet, being able to shop without a little voice asking for something or demanding that they ‘like’ something.
I also took the plunge and got myself a monthly subscription to a box, the BirchBox – i am a total newbie when it comes to makeup so what better way to experience and learn than a monthly makeup box!!
My friend had her baby last week and I’m super excited about meeting her, I love babies! Trying desperately to fight the urge to have one more (or two or three) but space is the issue now 🙁
Time to move then hah!!
Until next time
Mummy Cat x