We all know that around this time of year, well if I am brutally honest just after Christmas, Easter is on everyone’s mind what with the shops getting stocked full of eggs that sadly go out of day before the actual Easter day, and while now that my two are a little older I am more comfortable with them having chocolate and sweets, but this year I thought it would be a fantastic little idea, that I have seen many other wonderful bloggers do as well, is create a basket full of things that are Easter related.

One slight issue, which you will see as you read along is that I picked up the baskets before I picked up anything else so it explains why not everything fits perfectly inside it.. my bad!

Yes I did get chocolate, and quite a bit which I am surprised by, I am usually extremely strict with what chocolate my children have and now with the added worries of choking on a mini egg I now want to be even more careful of what ones I get, but on a bright Monday morning I popped along to the most fanciest store in our town, Poundland, and got some treats, a ‘small’ collection of chocolate eggs that if you don’t wish to just hand them over are perfect for Easter egg hunts and some little models made out of chocolate that rattle, so I expect more chocolate is hidden inside, as well as some drawing pads, coloring books and some wonderful paint your own eggs to decorate with, which I feel saves me the trouble of blowing the contents out of an egg as well as some crayons, you can never go wrong with some cheap crayons!

I then thought it would be perfect if I also get some stupid headbands and while I was looking for those found these adorable little dancing puppets of a bunny and chick, I remember having a soldier version of these as a child and had loads of fun with them.

Up next I headed along to Tesco for the main event eggies, they have a good sale on at the moment with these smaller, children sized eggs and they are £1 each, which I think is perfect seeing as everything else I got came from Poundland! I also being the sneaky chocolate thief that I am grabbed myself a white chocolate egg to enjoy that evening, I like being an adult and not having to wait to eat Easter Eggs.

Once I got home it was time to assemble everything, this is when I realized that I didn’t have the right sized baskets for all the goodies I got for the children to enjoy, but after a little thinking I figured that it didn’t matter in the long run as everything will be ripped out of there once they see it all.

and here we have the final product..

.. I know it isn’t exactly the most ‘instagramable’ photo of them all and I didn’t do myself proud with what image I had in my head but I feel like Kai and Amelia will love them none the less, and Robin herself didnt get an egg as she is still a little young to have them just yet, she picked up herself (and didn’t let go) this cute little cat toy she found in Primark, so I guess that’s her Easter egg.

Are you making anything similar for Easter this year? If Kai and Amelia love it then I am excited to do it all over again next year, hopefully with a bit more creativity and a much larger basket!

Happy Easter and Zombie Jesus Day.



Roughly a month ago I got the good idea to turn our unused storage room into something a little different, we live in a smallish two bedroom flat and there honestly isn’t enough room for all of us, the older two share a bedroom with each other along with their clothes and toys and honestly it can become a bit messy in there with both of them being children and not knowing how to clean up after themselves.

So after I sat on Pinterest I decided that this small box room which is more of a chuck everything into it room into their own playroom which itself ended up being a long and awkward job.

As you can see from this photo, its a mess, poorly painted by the previous tenant and full of our things we just didn’t have space for, but once I got it into my head that I wanted to do something it needed to be done, first things first was removing everything and seeing what needed to be thrown away, all important stuff which I had saved from when my children were babies had been placed into a box anyway so I popped that under the bed and sold my old Quinny buggy, Mr S brought a cupboard for our bedroom to place all his tools and other stuff that he had in there, you cannot see it but at the back of the room there was a desk that he had planned on using but it never happened and once that was all sorted the chest freezer that we got for our wedding was moved into the kitchen where it belonged!

After all that was clear it was time to start the painting which I love doing, and I am not being sarcastic, there is something very therapeutic about painting walls but I asked Mr S to paint around the ceiling because I was being a bit of a wuss and didn’t want to get onto the ladder.

The paint that I picked was from Wilkinson’s and is called Stardust which on the tin looked like this lovely light grey but because of the lighting we have in the play room it gave off a light purple look which if I am being honest, annoyed me greatly, but I continued and just hoped because it was wet and the walls I was painting it onto had purple paint underneath, that it would settle down and be the grey I hoped it would be, which thankfully has done that, so the next thing that was needed is carpet, for which we took a fun little trip to the remnants store!

Whats funny about this is when I was pregnant with Amelia I was addicted to the smell of new carpets, so walking in that store would’ve been a dream come true to me if we did this a few years ago, we found our perfect carpet, a nice neutral sandy colour which I will probably regret later because of the mess, cut it down and it fits in perfectly.

At this point in time, we unfortunately reached a point where we needed to change the light fittings because of the age of them but because Mr S didn’t understand electrics, we stopped for a bit and waited until someone could come around and help fix the new fitting, but while that was going on I decided to look into some styling for the room, and thanks to the wonderful Jenna on twitter for sharing her store Dorkface I got some of her prints which I thought would create a fun theme for the room.

We also have one of these amazing toy bags from Room to Grow, these are by far my favorite form of toy storage and with the little theme of grey, blue and red that we have picked for the play room their beautiful Blue Star Toy Basket* fits perfectly with the childrens pre-existing toy baskets, Room to Grow is a British children’s furniture retailer that host a while range of beautiful and stylish accessories perfect for any child’s bedroom or in our case the toy room and with the size of them it even replaces one of their grey baskets.

We still have so much more to do in the play room but I am honestly so proud of how far we have come with it, there is plenty more that needs to be added, like baskets for their draws as the ones I ordered with the draws were far to big for it so I need to get some different ones, but even without it, I think it looks fantastic and a much better place than just a storage cupboard.

What do you think? Have you ever made a big change in your home like a cupboard into a playroom?

Until next time

Disclaimer - Items marked with a * was sent to me for review, all thoughts are my own.

This is a pretty simple DIY – I adore candles and candle holders but more often than not I have more candles than holders.. so what I decided to do was use some old yankee candle style jars (one is an actual yankee candle) and turn them into jars for tea candles.

You will need some old candles, a knife or spoon, a dishwasher, some warm water and a paper towel.

Get the knife or spoon inside the wax and gently dig around in the jar (BE CAREFUL!!)

and it should pop out smoothly like this, I found the official yankee candle to be easier to remove the wax than the Poundland alternative.

Give it a little clean, this one didn’t need much doing to it unlike the others which needed hot water and a run in the dishwasher.

Add tea candles and ta-daaah! you have a new place to pop your tea candles in.. now that its nearly the darker months I can see myself doing this a bit more.

Toodles for now

Mummy Cat