August 29, 2019

Hape Sand Toys | Review

Do you ever feel like your children have enough toys? surely not! my children for one have said to me that they do not have this one or that one and will come to me with wants and asks for me to look up on amazon and purchase for ‘when we get a bigger house’. But the one thing I am not going to say…

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August 28, 2019

What is Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is something that isn’t heard often but once it is uttered it becomes so clear of what it is and how it comes about, it started from as film called Gas Light a 1930’s film in which the husband character convinced his wife of something in the house was happening when in fact it wasn’t. Gas lighting is a common form of psychological manipulation,…

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August 25, 2019

Trip to the Natural History Museum | Days Out

Now, I am not sure if I mentioned this before but I have a long standing history of being afraid of trains so thinking outside of my fear I wanted to take my children to London for the day. Sounds like a good idea yes? in theory, yes its a good idea, but in practice I honestly will not be going again until I am…

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August 16, 2019

Easy Breakfast Pancakes | Recipe

Pancakes pancakes pancakes! who can resist yummy fluffy pancakes that are homemade, these are of course griddle cakes rather than the usual crepe cakes that we all know and love and of course make on pancake day. When I am feeling super lazy I often just buy in pancakes from the stores but this time I didn’t have any in the house, but what I…

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August 12, 2019

Trying out ToucanBox | Review

With the summer holidays in full swing and occasionally with the weather against us, we have been branching out and trying new fun things with crafting. When the children finished school this year they came home with a little coupon code for Toucanbox which is something I have always wanted to try out with the kids, unfortunately it didn’t go up to my sons age…

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