You know me and personalized gifts, I love them, I have so many wonderful pieces of jewelry that have some sort of personalization on them and when I was given an opportunity to try out… View Post

Firstly I feel that I need to apologize for the lateness of this roundup, February was a bit of a rubbish month in the ways of mental health and actual health but after kicking myself… View Post

Gitte Winter Graugaard’s wonderful book The Children’s Meditation’s In My Heart, which was recently translated from Danish into English is a collection of short meditation’s that help bring more love into a child’s life, to… View Post

This week the Beast from the East has been giving England a little taste of what cold truly is, we have had such a cold week that its practically been snowing on and off since… View Post

The one thing my husband and I have problems with is picking a name we can both agree on, when we first met we chatted about future children and names that we both liked, I… View Post