Oh look another sky photo hah! I don’t think will ever tire of taking photographs of the sky. A dark cloudy day, a sunshine filled sky, snow rain or hail, I will snap a photograph… View Post

Those of you who follow me on my social medias may have seen me and my children grow some tomatoes from a seed, A came home at Easter with a packet of seeds and we… View Post

Welcome back to my A to Z series.. up next we have.. Christmas – Yes I know, the C word.. In July of all months!, I am not a fan of Christmas, I find its… View Post

Thanks to Becca ‘My Girls & Me’ for tagging and nominating me in the Liebster Awards. what you basically need to do is answer the 11 questions offered to you, and then give out 11… View Post

At the start of the year, this day felt like it was never going to happen, I remember that first day,  waving goodbye to my middle child as she walked into her new school confident… View Post