Welcome to a new series I decided to start after sitting down with my husband and talking about what else I can do on my blog, besides personal events, reviews, game related things etc. So… View Post

U2 has always been my favorite band, through the terrible times and the good times I can always put one of their songs on and it can change a mood completely.. So I thought it… View Post

I get asked this a lot, how do I cope? How do I manage having my husband at work and remain at home with the three children during the summer holidays and half terms.. how… View Post

I am a nerd, and I am extremely proud of my nerdness, So when I saw that there was such a thing as a geek box, I had to get it, GeekGear cater to all… View Post

I posted earlier in the week about when we had that lovely meal for my aunts surprise birthday dinner, my favorite photos I’ve taken this week are of her flowers in her garden. They may… View Post