I’ve been having a think these past couple of weeks about my children and the one thing that I’ve kept a ‘must’ with them and that thing is a good routine, in fact my children… View Post

Oh my goodness this week has been a full on sweltering sweat box! My hayfever has been horrific and I’ve probably lost about a stone of water just by sweating.. But the flowers and the… View Post

I figured Id take time out on reporting on my demonic kittens and share a bit about the hobbit in my life, my husband. We met back in the September of 2008 I was working… View Post

Back when my middle child was a baby, she developed severe nappy rash, it was so bad her bottom was red raw and she cried whenever we changed her, its funny (not the nappy rash…… View Post

So, stupidly I thought it would be a brilliant idea to do up our boring council kitchen cupboard, I am a member of a DIY Facebook group and .. well I’m addicted.. I love doing… View Post