I’ve just been far to busy that I once again forgot about Photograph Friday!! Not to worry.. I have this to share this week. Over the past seven or so weeks we’ve been growing tomatoes… View Post

I don’t mind a dummy, when I was first pregnant with my now 7 year old I was rather against them, I didn’t think I would need one (I also thought I could successfully breastfeed… View Post

How is it May already? Goodness I am not prepared for how fast this year has gone!  We went to the dreaded hell known as ToysRus the other day, purely because we had some vouchers… View Post

(Actually on a Friday this week!!)  This week I haven’t taken that many photos with my Nikon, but I did take this photo of the blossom with my phone. It’s hard to believe that we… View Post

Here we are, one week later after my post about not spending for a month (I believe I posted it on a Saturday but going by how my Friday photo ended up on Saturday… ) … View Post