Why do I Blog? It’s such a funny thing really, I started to cover boredom while sitting with a newborn, but I think in the long run I’m doing it as a look back at… View Post

I decided to change the Photograph day over to Sunday, seems more fitting as sometimes my favorite photos I’ve taken have been at the weekend rather than the week. It has been a scorcher of… View Post

A chemical pregnancy, often classed as a very early miscarriage is heavy bleeding shortly after receiving a positive test result. Many women do not even realize they suffer a miscarriage as it can occur so… View Post

Weaning has always been the biggest worry for me, the 7 years since I had my first child things have changed, back then it was porridge for the first taste, do it when they seem… View Post

I play a game called Skyrim, in the game you are the dragonborn, the chosen one, only you can defeat alduin the world eater and save all of tamriel! Sorry if that made no sense… View Post