(Actually on a Friday this week!!)  This week I haven’t taken that many photos with my Nikon, but I did take this photo of the blossom with my phone. It’s hard to believe that we… View Post

Here we are, one week later after my post about not spending for a month (I believe I posted it on a Saturday but going by how my Friday photo ended up on Saturday… ) … View Post

Well I’m useless!! Friday was a busy one for us as it’s the first week back for the children. But here’s my favourite photo I’ve taken that week. Someone forgot their Easter egg 🙂 Mummy… View Post

I cannot believe we are finally here, a full year has gone past since I met my third kitten and what a crazy year it’s been, we never planned to add to our family, she… View Post

A few weeks ago, a wonderful friend of mine who I met through a Facebook baby group (she runs her own blog too) started making these beautiful chalkboard momentos.  They. Are. Stunning! I decided to… View Post