It has been a hard couple of weeks, there is nothing worse than colds and teething, my smallest kitten Robin has spent a lot of her bedtime asleep on me and we’ve been sharing our… View Post

Finally! My eldest kittens are back at school, they should’ve gone back the week before but they had an extra week off aaahh!! It’s not been that bad, they spent most of it playing in… View Post

2016 was a mad crazy year for us, we went from a family of 4 to a family of 5, lost dear companions and family members and watched parts of the world change political.. What… View Post

I think it’s clear that I am slacking a little with the blogging, I have been so busy… school plays and meetings and of course now the eldest kittens have broke up from school.. It… View Post

It’s been beautiful and frosty here lately, Mr S had a few days off to deal with The Big C and we took the opportunity to go for a lovely walk with the smallest kitten… View Post