Went for a lovely walk today with my husband and baby, certainly glad we all went out then as its now a stormy afternoon. Both children are back at school today, so besides the nice… View Post

This morning I decided to sit down and organise through my baby’s newborn clothes, she’s not been in them for about a week now but they sat in a bag waiting to be sorted and… View Post

Busy day today! The health visitor visited today to check Robin over and weigh her, she is a wonderful 8lbs 11oz now after being born at 5lbs 8, she wasn’t to early only two weeks… View Post

We finally got out, I had to to get Robin registered at my doctors, I have been putting it off for about two weeks  (or forgetting to take the forms with me more like!!) Blame… View Post

Today was planned to have been a ‘let’s go for a walk’ day but once again half term in England ends up being a soggy raining one, stuck inside again with two of the children… View Post