Well looking back at last months goals, I honestly didn’t achieve many of them, life got in the way along with the summer heat and to be honest nothing really got done, my fault completely but I’m an optimistic person and like to attempt to try again with many of my goals, but I will attempt the ones I didn’t in June along with ones I hope to create for July!

  Go for walks – it’s hot, and I’m lazy so naturally I’d rather spend time in front of the fan and not go outside where the pollen is high and the temperature is horrible, but I want to try and get out more for walks in the morning when it’s cooler, Robin and I used to walk all the time and I don’t know what happened to make us stop, but I want to get back into doing that.

Spend more time with Dann – we both work, he works full time and on his website and sometimes we never find time to do anything together, my work is usually the children and housework so by the end of the day I’m exhausted and just want to crash into bed, but we are trying to spend an evening together once a week, either a movie or simply me sitting and watching him play a game, it’s nice to just chat about stupid stuff going on in the game.

Be more creative – I’m useless, I’m trying to learn how to write calligraphy and other fancy lettering but I am just a complete butter fingers and also not confident in myself with doing it, but I want to continue to learn and start using it in my everyday life for cards and even my bullet journal, which has been forgotten thanks to just being mad busy and not feeling very clever with how I do it.

My blog is going great, but with anything I want to continue to improve it week by week, I’m considering changing up my logos a bit and having look cleaner and better but it does look okay now, I think I’ll always been changing it up and working on it

My main goal for my blog is to just keep writing, I had a slump last week when I just didn’t want to do anything and I really want to prevent that from happening again, I blame the heat and tiredness for that hah.

Anyone else excited about Autumn?

I managed to reach my Instagram goal of 300 followers and I am so pleased! I’ve worked so hard on it lately and I feel like it’s paying off and unfortunately I didn’t reach my twitter goal of 2,000 but these are my social media goals for the following month

Instagram : 400

Twitter : 2,000

I still want to attempt the 2,000 followers, I expect it will remain my goal until I reach it hah! But I’m pleased with the steady growth that’s occurring despite the follow/unfollow that seems to be going on.

And there you have it, my July Monthly Goals!

What have you got down as your goals?



Today marks the second birthday of Mummy Cat Notes, I still remember the day I made it, it was raining and I had my tiny baby resting on my chest while I sat up at the computer reading other blogs and wanting to start one myself.. I had the name planned but I of course started over on Blogger and made the switch to WordPress early last year, because Mr S also uses WordPress for his website and I wanted to be able to get help when I needed it from him if things went wrong.


How has year two been compared to year one, well frankly and honestly, its been hard.. on fathers day last year I was told what I said on twitter had upset someone, all I said was that I was proud of my husband working hard and how we didn’t need to rely so much on the government, I probably worded it wrong and like anything on the internet, it doesn’t matter how you say something, someone will take offence to it, I felt insulted and upset and that I was being made out to be a bad person when I honestly do not think that I am, it escalated into being accused of copying another blogger and then finally resting on me being accused of being bully to then end up being bullied myself by those who believe this other person over me, without even asking me for the other side of the story.. thankfully there is the amazing thing known as the block button and I made it my goal to completely block out anyone who associated with those who accuse me and compared to how I was back when it all happened, I don’t care anymore, I have come out of the other side with a smile on my face and know that while some may think I am a horrible person, I have many friends online and in real life and I realize now that those people who seek to make me feel like I am worth nothing shouldn’t even be on my radar and in the words of King Theoden from the Lord of the Rings trilogy..

‘You have no power here’

..but enough about that, I wanted this post to be a positive one because despite the bad times, there has been some amazing times in year two, I FINALLY plucked up the courage and started contacting brands, I was always so fearful of doing it but I made it my goal for 2018 to start doing it and I have done some really fun reviews and posts, and of course have plenty yet to come for year three! its really boost my confidence and I feel like I am stepping in the right direction with my blogging, I still want to keep everything personal, I always wanted to just use it as more of a journal to document days out and silly events along with products that I purchase and want to share, I always find it odd when everyone is obsessed with the selling part of blogging, cant you just enjoy telling your story as well as selling? I get that others want to make this a job but for me, right now and as always, blogging is a hobby that I have always loved, even back when I use to write in my little green notebook… however theses days its more about my children than which celebrity I have a crush on that week/month (Richard Hammond) but blogging now has helped me feel more creative than I have ever been, I am taking more photos and investing more and more time with writing not only here but I have even dabbled in some stories too, none will see the light of day of course but its been so wonderful just being able to stretch my braincells and maybe make me feel a little less of a mombie! I honestly had forgotten how much I love photography until I started my Photograph Sunday series, I make it my mission each week to take a photo of something so that I can add it to the post and its made me really learn how to use my camera and lenses properly and for the first time ever save up to buy my own lens rather than having to rely on my wonderful uncle for his help in that department.

I have a mad year three ahead of me, with meeting the amazing Becca from My Girls and Me in the summer holidays and even going to The London Baby Show in the autumn which I cannot wait to go and meet some wonderful brands and maybe even bump into more bloggers, Year Three is going to be my best year yet, and I am so excited to continue my journal as a blogger, sharing my world with those who want to read it and because I have been watching a LOT of Ugly Betty lately inspire others to create their own little space on the internet to rant and to connect with others.

Happy Birthday Mummy Cat Notes!!



I feel that I need to share with you what happened to my blog at the start of the week..

…basically I am an idiot…

Sunday was like any other day, I had spent the whole week before being really careful with money because I wanted to make sure I had the max amount possible for when we go away in July so I didn’t spend much.. a few snacks here and of course my gas and electric needed doing but I felt confident that on sunday, I was going into Monday without any money issues what so ever!

During that week I had an unexpected weird transaction on my paypal account, it was a lot for me so I signed into my paypal, put in a claim and thankfully got the money back so when Sunday rolled around, I had £79 taken out of my account without me saying yes to it, I naturally panicked because that’s a lot of money and repeated the same again, I claimed it back but because it was a sunday I didn’t expect anything to go in or go out etc so when someone told me that my site wasn’t there.

Only me, Only I could break things, and amazingly I decided to break my blog a few days before Mr S went away to Sweden for a gaming event so there was this tiny window in which we could fix it, but thankfully, it was sorted.. I had to buy a new scheme with WordPress and hope that everything would go back to how it was before.. it did come back, mainly my old theme at first and some older posts that were dated back to January before I switched over to self hosted.. but thankfully its back and back in time for a important post that needed to go live on the 22nd..

Basically I had cancelled an important payment that broke my own blog, I mean who else could be that stupid haha! but its all fixed and I managed to get that post up in time and I can sit back and relax for the time being.

so let that be a little warning, don’t panic and do something stupid.. read first and always try to laugh at yourself!

until next time


I am going to hold my hands up and say it, I am a terrible blogger, When i first started back in 2016 I wanted to blog every day, documenting my daily life and shopping hauls that I did… then along came writers block and I stopped finding motivation to blog and I felt that I didn’t have enough to talk about..

Then roughly around July time I got the bug, I wanted to write more and more, I made myself have weeks scheduled in advance and I felt proud of myself but then sometime around November shortly after I completed Blogtober I crashed, I stopped finding inspiration and I felt like the bottom fell out of my life.. and while I tried as much as I could to keep going I found myself more and more interested in taking those important days off more and not really caring as much and today I am behind on a lot of things, Photograph Sunday took a two week break and I am extremely behind on review posts and even my Glossybox Roundup, its stressing me out and I hate myself for it but after taking some time out and to sit on it I thought about that the best thing to do would be to talk about it.

I honestly don’t know where I want my blog to go, I don’t know what my ‘niche’ is because I guess I do not have one, I write about things that I like and it sometimes bothers me that we need to have a single thing to write about over and over again.. at what point did blogging become a job that required one subject.

So I guess this is my ‘I am not going to be that kind of blogger’ blog post, as much as I would love this to be a paying thing I have to think about what might happen to the tax credits me and my husband rely on to get the children clothes or stuff for school if I decide to earn a sum of money.. I guess the hope is that.. while some months are going to be good others wont and I dont want to rely on something that could one day not be there for a month..

I dont have a niche as a blogger and I am proud of that.

You don’t need to have one set rule as a blogger, its your little space in the internet and while I feel like I cant even get over a writers block on some days, I hope to own those days when I can.


Why do I Blog? It’s such a funny thing really, I started to cover boredom while sitting with a newborn, but I think in the long run I’m doing it as a look back at what happened in our lives.. so we have a little diary of life events.

One life event I never expected to deal with, is bullying, most of my life I’ve suffered some form of it and to this day it’s still going on even in the blogging world..

I never started to copy anyone, I do get inspired by some images I see but I wouldn’t dream of completely copying someone’s layout or settings.. I started because I wanted to add another voice into the world of parent blogging, share my experiences of what I and my family get up to daily/weekly and share any awesome things I find in the form of reviews (which I actually love doing)

I am trying to build it forward to become something bigger than I ever expected and I have grown a lot, I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress and I have upgraded to premium to improve my blogs and give me the ability to hopefully one day earn money through it.

But of course I didn’t set out to do that, I Blog because I’ve always enjoyed blogging, even back in 1998 with my silly green diary I filled with stories, photographs, newspaper clippings and even a tiny bag of sand from a trip to Weymouth! (One of the most beautiful beaches in England!) to when LiveJournal came to being and I used to update silly things everyday up until I gave birth to my second child, I stopped because I just didn’t have the time to sit down and write anymore.

Thank goodness for Apps because I probably wouldn’t be blogging today if there wasn’t a handy WordPress app to use.

I admire all those who blog for a living, who are friends with brands and go to these amazing events and manage to find to squeeze that all in with raising a family and it would be wonderful to experience all that one day of course but I disagree with those who start blogs to get free things and to get money because if your plan is to get big then get out!

Working your way from the bottom to the top, starting from nothing is far more important and rewarding than expecting the world to turn around and care what you write.

And frankly I am proud of how far I’ve come from one year ago

Always trying my best

Mummy Cat