This weeks photo has come from the dinner at Down Hall –  which you can read about here, we walked out of the hotel to find that the little trees outside had cute fairy lights and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of them, I made a comment to Mr S about how boring and dark everything is once all the fairy lights come down after Christmas and seeing these just made everything feel all magical.

There is just something so special and beautiful about fairy lights.

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On Sunday 28th January, my family had a little meal together, it was part the first meal we had all together since before Christmas as my aunt and her family went to Australia over the holiday period and a meal for my mum who’s birthday was on the 24th.

We had the meal at this amazing house called Down Hall, just outside of Harlow in a little village called Hatfield Heath in the beautiful county of Hertfordshire.. Mr S and I have only been there the once when the hall had an open day many years ago so our experience of it was lots of stalls and didn’t get a chance to try out the restaurant there.

We got there a little earlier than everyone else, mainly because it was Mr S’s first time driving to the location and we didn’t want to get lost, so when we did arrive we went for a little walk around the grounds and explored a little bit, we found a cute little picnic area, amazingly considering this is January we didn’t need coats, it was so mild that it was actually warm, Amelia even complained about being hot.. which is nothing new as shes a bit like Mr S and is a walking human radiator and then found that they had installed a play area with swings so that was the children happy for a little bit while we waited for the rest of my family to show up.

The Restaurant itself was beautiful and what I found the most surprising was how kind and happy the staff were about having noisy children there, I know a lot of ‘posh’ places tend to dislike children but the staff would comment on how cute Robin was and even gave Kai and Amelia some paper and pencils to draw, which came with a foam toy to make.

My starter was this lovely cauliflower soup that smelt amazing and I am in need to make it at home now, however there wasn’t much options for vegetarians, and seeing as i’m the most fussiest person alive and didn’t like Mushrooms I had a roast dinner without the meat and they even provided a jug of gravy for me that didn’t touch the meat which I was grateful for, the meal was nice, but I found the vegetables a little but crunchier than my liking but it did taste really lovely.. the Yorkshire pud’s went down a treat and the children all wanted cheesy pasta which of course Robin gobbled up.

Afters came next, the children wanted the brownie with the ice cream and Robin was going to have the same but she fell asleep and had a much needed nap, I had this lovely trio of ice cream which I actually regret getting all three flavors because while the vanilla was amazing, I found the chocolate and the strawberry far to sweet for my tastes and Mr S (and everyone else at the table) had this Lemon Posset.

Then of course came the cake, they unfortunately walked out with it while my mum was in the toilet so the sparkler 60 candle was lit and went out, but they found some other candles for us and when she finally arrived back from the loo, it was brought out for her, the cake was made by my aunt and once we got back to my mums house was shared out between everyone and like always.. was an amazing cake!

We all had such an amazing time, I did get a little stressed with dealing with the children and it being a posh place but they did behave wonderfully and once Robin had her nap she woke up and was in such a better mood.

I have of course made the request to spend a night there in the future, there is something so magical about an old building with lots of history, and who doesn’t like a little time away from three yelling children haha, it was just so lovely to see all my family again and enjoy a meal with everyone in good spirits.

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