September was such a weirdo old month, we got out and about a lot of it but it was a quiet one with Mr S away for a lot of it, all the parenting duties landed on me. but as I said, we still got out.

We went conker collecting, visited my mum many times and even went to Epping Forest which is just up the road from us. it is now officially autumn but the leaves have been dropping since the beginning of September with the combination of the ex tropical storm Helene and two British storms within 24 hours of each other.

We have explored, collected many beautiful things that you would find in autumn and enjoyed seeing the season change once again.

The children themselves are back at school so it means time with the smallest of the family, who has been happy to deal with my walks around my local area collecting as many sticks as she can find.

I think like everyone else who hated the heat of summer, we are so glad to finally see the beauty that is the autumn months!



The ‘Sightings from’ Linky is run by the beautiful Caitlyis over on her blog at the start of every month, I love this linky as it gets my trigger finger snapping and makes me get out and take my camera with me, you can find her post here if you fancy joining up.


At the start of the month, I shared a little post on what to do during the autumn season, things I had planned to do with the children and along with that I wanted to share just how many we managed to do.

Conkers, also called Horse chestnuts which after some googling I found out that they are part of the lychee family, and I guess looking at them, you can sort of see it. Last year we went conker collecting later in the year and unfortunately there wasn’t many left, so I made it my mission to do it sooner rather than later and enjoy the season a bit more.

This time Robin got to get out and collect them too which she enjoyed, however in her sweetness she would call them acorns rather than conkers but that didn’t take away any of the fun she had. We stayed local and made it into a fun little walk as a family as that doesn’t happen very often with Mr S away for many weekends so it was a lovely little family adventure full of beautiful red conkers. We took along a little plastic bag but because of the sheer amount that the children found it split and I sacrificed my big bag that I got from Next which soon began to fill up as well.

There was just so many and a lot of them had only just started to fall, considering that a few days prior the UK got hit by the ex tropical storm Helene (I promise I wont go all weather nerd on you!) and while we here in Essex didn’t get the full force of the storm, it was extremely windy, but I expected a lot more on the ground while exploring. Mr S knocked plenty off the trees and the children enjoyed throwing the ones still in their little casings into the ground.

We collected so many that they managed to fill up one of those 9kg tubs of bird food!

I of course took my camera out with me, I am trying to use my Nikon a lot more in hopes that it will help improve my photo skills, to much of everyone’s annoyance. Here are the photos I took



We are hoping to be able to complete our little bucket list for the autumn season, there is just something so magical about this time of year that makes want to get out and explore, its a shame it only lasts for a little while.

Have you ticked anything off your autumn bucket list yet?