I have been extremely afk from my blog for a little bit, with the mixture of holidays away, the kittens off for the holidays and sicknesses its taken a back burner in my life but that is completely fair, so to jump back into the blogging world I start with a tag that I borrowed from Jenny in Neverland which you can read her post here, you know me and my tags, I love a good lazy tag to sit and enjoy but enough of me rambling on.. lets do this thing!

First app you check when you wake up in the morning?

Honestly its whatever app has the most notifications, usually twitter and on occasion I check TimeHop.

First broken bone?

My little toe, the one that is always hit whenever you walk through a doorway without shoes on, I am cringing as I type this as the pain is horrific.

First foreign country you ever visited?

Majorca, we always went as family and rented a villa out, I have many fond memories from those holidays.

My first make-up item?

Some cheap eye shadow palette that my dad and step mum got me for Christmas one year, I have only started really wearing makeup in my 20’s after being very happy not feeling the need to use them at all, then got told I was ugly without eyebrows and adventured into the world of makeup without fully understanding it.

My first ever tape or CD?

I believe it was a NOW album, Not sure what one and it was on a tape.. which just shows my age

My first car?

I got a Ford Popular that I never got the chance to drive as I never finished my driving lessons and it then got sold on without me being told.

My first Celebrity crush

Robin Williams.

My first cooking experience?

Probably school cooking.. scones and bread, that sort of thing.

My first ever boyfriend/girlfriend?

Just an ex, nothing worth mentioning really

My first ever mobile phone?

MOTOROLA M3788e – google it and have a laugh

My first fear?

Wasps, I have always hated them

My first internet activity?

I honestly do not remember, I think I was part of an X files forum many years ago but there is also a dead Neopets profile somewhere out there with my name on it, I have been on the internet for far to long now!

My first job?

I got a summer job helping at where my mums work but it was only between schools, my first proper job was a cleaner at a local hospital

My first language?

The one I know now, English, I know a tiny bit of sign language but not enough to hold a conversation and I can sort read German thanks to school.

First musical instrument?

Spoons.. and probably a piano

My first pet?

The first pet that I got myself, paid for vets etc was my beautiful Owen, she was given back to the person who had her and I wanted to give her a home to much of my mums annoyance, she sadly died a few years ago and is deeply missed.

My first piercing and when did I get it?

Just a simple lobe piercing, it got infected (which my family wont let me forget) and I didn’t want them to remove it so they forced it out of me, I got it redone a year later.

My first tattoo?

I haven’t got one ūüôā

My first soft toy?

it was this bunny called Loubie which I in fact still have.

My first thought today?


My first time on a ship?

I honestly do not remember, I think when my family and I went to the Isle of Wright when I was 9..

The first book I remember reading?

The Hobbit

The first concert I ever attended?

U2 with a friend I knew online.. was a good day.

The first film I remember seeing?

Jumanji in the cinema on my eighth birthday.

The first person I talked to today?

Robin as she was the first one to wake me up this morning

The first text I sent today?

I havent today, I did send a PM to my husband on Discord, but I doubt that counts.

The first thing I do every morning?

Open up all the windows to let the air in, even on cold days the windows are open, cant deal with a stuffy flat

The first thing I do when I get home?

Kick my shoes off, complain how messy everywhere is and open up the windows haha

The first time you ever got drunk?

I honestly do not remember, I think I was 19 and out with friends from college? my memory is useless.

And there we go, I now have so much to catch up on with writing and photo editing but I am glad to stretch my fingers across my keyboard and relax a little with my blog.

I tag anyone who is interested in doing this.


A friend of mine recently had a baby and I am now in full blown brood mode thinking about all the exciting things that happen when you bring a new life into the world and it got me wondering about why exactly do I adore newborns so much so I wanted to share with you what I have come up with and just see how many more out there have this addiction to tiny little humans in all their wrinkly glory.

Newborns have the best skin, its all smooth but yet so wrinkly, they always look like little pink baked potatoes and I just love it, they’re little saggy skin not fitting their body just yet. my favorite part of all of mine has always been the little folds at the back of their necks, just where their soft hair over hangs I used to love stroking it when she was on my lap.

Regardless of how you feed your baby, newborns make this delightful little sound when they gulp their milk, their little snuffly noses or gentle moans as they enjoy their meal is something that when I hear it I instantly feel this rush, its amazing what this little sound can do to someone who has heard it before, complete brood mode!

You’ll miss these days when your now 6/7 month old attempts to follow you out of the room, or when your toddler rips another book up, they do nothing of importance besides growing, feeding, pooping and sleeping, Robin is now two and is a demonic wild animal.. enjoy those do nothing says when they last.

While many many women suffer from post natal depression and it is such a serious subject that needs to be addressed more than what they say, a lot of women experience a almost delirious happiness after birth, it only really lasts a few days, I believe its hormone related like all moods that occur after birth, my mum has mentioned that I came home after having Robin in such a good mood and then two days later it was back to business as a mother of now three and full of stress.. if you do experience it, it is the most amazing feeling but please keep in mind that if you are feeling low, weepy or just not coping at all to make sure you tell a health professional or anyone and get help.

This one is mainly just me, but I make sure that after any birth I remain at home in my lazy clothes and let my husband do all the pick ups and drop offs at school, I stupidly did everything after I had Amelia and I hurt for days afterwards, but with Robin I just didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything and it was the best two weeks of my life!

Those are my top five favorite things about newborns, what are yours? or if you don’t have children yet, what bits are you excited about for when you become a parent.

Until next time



Cake Cake Cake, who doesn’t like a little bit of cake for a special occasion? Normally cake is saved for birthdays but who’s to say you cannot have some fun on other days too and with Bakerdays you get that right through your letterbox.

Bakerdays themselves is a British based company just on the edge of the fantastic Sherwood Forrest that have over the course of years supplied personalized cakes and biscuits for all sorts of things including companies, so if you ever need to get yourself some cookies with your name on it, these are the places to go, but I am here to talk about the wonder that is a cake through your letterbox, perfectly sized for two people, however we have managed to share it out with everyone in the family.

There is a little selection of styles of the cake sponge itself that you can choose, I picked the basic one and completely forgot my husbands love for lemon cake so when he bit into it he was slightly disappointed at the lack of flavor but that was purely my fault when selecting, plus I don’t think his taste buds are working as when I tried it I could taste the vanilla in the sponge. What is also great is that they have a diary free and a gluten free option when ordering but unfortunately not a vegan friendly no matter how much of the site I searched for it, so perhaps in the future they will include a vegan sponge option.

Bakerdays have such a wide collection of different designs including adding your own images, this one is for fathers day and I went with a drink theme, it looked great on the website but I don’t know because of the process of getting the design onto the cake made it a little distorted or the fact that its been really warm here and it just didn’t sit well in the post, either way the design was bright and colorful and I think that if it was a bit cooler it would’ve been clearer and more obvious as to what it was.

All in all its a cute little novelty idea and the fact that it just fits perfectly through your letter box is a bonus, the cake itself is a lovely moist cake and the icing is perfect and isn’t to thick on top of the cake, it is small but that’s the blessing of it as I cannot imagine fitting a large cake in a letterbox!

if you want to give Bakerdays Letterbox Cakes ago then check out their site here¬†and enjoy the convince of cake through your letterbox and also don’t forget to use FATHER15 at the check out for 15% off your order!

until next time

*Disclaimer - Product was sent to me for review purposes only, all thoughts and opinions are my own

You all know how much I love a good tag, and what better to find a tag thats music based, while I dont get to listen to music much these days with the kids being older and the fact that my diath piercing gets in the way of my ear buds, I do still love a good song and of course a boogie around the front room when its needed!

One of my lovely friends, Ash, who didn’t tag me, but did do this on their blog and I needed to do it, here blog is here if you fancy reading about some wonderful books but enough of me babbling, and we all know how much i love a good babble… lets jump into the Shuffle the Music tag!



  1. Thank the person who nominated you for this tag and link to their blog.
  2. Shuffle your entire music library (no matter how old songs the songs are) and talk about the FIRST FIFTEEN songs that come up (anything like why they are there, if they signify something, any story, why you like them, etc.)
  3. Mention the songs as well as the artists.
  4. Tag 7 people or more to do this tag and please let them know!


1,¬†All Night Long – Lionel Richie –¬†I don’t know why this here, I like 80’s music and it was in one of those Best of the 80’s albums that are only sold at Christmas time.. still a good song.

2, Wild Honey – U2 – As surprising as this is, this is the only U2 song that shuffled, I am a big, or was a big U2 fan, this was my first album I ever bought with my OWN MONEY and I just love this song, makes me feel all happy

3, Wannabe РSpice Girls РThe Spice Girls are my childhood, I wasnt that into them as some are but I still have fond memories of them and do get a little nostalgic at their songs, I was always Geri whenever my friends and I got together to dance along to their songs, which one are you?

4,¬†Three Little Birds – Bob Marley –¬†I used to play this to Kai when I was pregnant with him, Id rest my iPod onto my tummy, he would stop moving and ‘listen’ until the song ended and start wriggling again.

5, Two Worlds РPhil Collins РGood film with a good soundtrack, what more could you ask for?

6,¬†Rockin’ Robin – McFly –¬†I dont know why I have this one either, still a fun little song to dance too.

7,  Part of your World РJodie Benson РAnother one from my childhood, I think my obsession with red hair comes from this Disney film.

8, Fight for this Love – Cheryl Cole – I just thought it was a really catchy song.

9,¬†No Regrets – Robbie Williams – The perfect breakup song! I love this song so much, its moody angry and mean and just the best thing to listen to when someone has done you wrong! ‘I didn’t loose my mind it was mine to give away!’

10, ¬†Four Minute Warning – Mark Owen – I LOVE Mark Owen, he is such an underrated singer! his album ‘How the Mighty Fall’ is my favorite and I often put it on!

11, ¬†Mr Blue Sky – ELO – This is my ‘if its playing in a store, I will be dancing along to it‘ song, such a fantastic upbeat fun song and reminds me of sitting up late on the internet talking to friends!

12,¬†If I had Words – Scott Fitzgerald – Its the song Farmer Hoggett sang to the famous ‘Pig’ in Babe.. what else can I say.

13,¬†Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts –¬†When my son was 2, as soon as he heard this song he was dancing, its from the Disney film Cars which is still played in this house today, while I was looking up the videos for this post, he heard it and a huge smile appeared on his face! Cars still make him happy.

14,¬†Goldfish and Paracetamol –¬† Catatonia – No words, good song,

15,  Break the Ice РBritney Spears РI love the video to this song, I love the beat and how different it sounds to other Britney songs.





Welcome to this brand new tag, I love tags, I find them fantastic for getting to know other bloggers and learning new things about each other and this one is for the parent bloggers of the world, because lets face it, there aren’t many of these floating about that are for us lonely parent bloggers trying to make some waves in the world..

The tag has been created by The Mulberry Bush which is a fantastic little shop full of wonderful wooden toys and who support and love parent bloggers too.. but enough of my ramblings..


1. What were you not expecting/not prepared for before becoming a parent?– I honestly wasn’t expecting just how exhausted I was going to be, you are always told that its hard work and that you will be tired but I have been in tears over how tired I have felt and also just how lonely and isolated it can be.

2. What is your main piece of advice for new parents? – Just to not listen to anyone elses advice, parenting is a journey that you must make your own mistakes and paths and should never listen to what anyone says regardless of how good their intentions are.

3. How do you encourage family time at home? – I don’t think I do encourage it, it just sort of happens.. I feel like making them do something only causes arguments.

4. How do you balance being a blogger with parental duties? РI manage to fit it around nap times and quiet times which is few and far between haha.

5. What was your favourite toy growing up? – I had this stuffed cat called Twinkle that I won at a country fayre thing when I was 7, she came with me everywhere

6. Have you kept any of your toys from childhood? РI have kept two actually, one is a blanket that I have had since birth and the other is this bunny that has been stitched up more times than I can count.

7. What are your children’s favourite toys?¬†– Amelia loves anything to do with my little pony, Kai is addicted to cars and planes and Robin just likes anything, although she does have a cute cuddly toy robin called Bob that goes everywhere with her.

8. Do you actively limit the amount of screen time your kids have? РAt the end of a school day I do let them veg in front of the tv for a bit but at weekends I do try and limit their time watching anything.

9. How do you reduce plastic waste in your home? – Reusable bottles, buying wooden toys, avoiding excessive food packaging, etc.? –¬†this is one of the hardest things to do, because there simply is so much of it, we try and reuse any bottles we buy.

10. What advice would you give to parents who want to start blogging? –¬†Dont do it if you are only out to get money and be popular, make sure you are blogging for YOU and no one else!

~ I TAG ~