Its always crazy to think that us as a family have never been away on holiday, its always been an issue with the fact that Mr S has only been driving for a year this December but from the 19th July to the 22nd we all bundled into the little blue ford and drove down to Dorset!

Mr S booked this amazing static caravan off a lovely couple who had a bunch of other caravans on the site and despite the fact that the children would be missing the last day of school (They didn’t seem to mind, it wasn’t like it was half way through term like some parents seem to do) we had a wonderful time.

The caravan was situated in the Littlesea Holiday Park just up a giant hill in Weymouth Dorset, from our kitchen window you could see the sea just over the rocky wall which sat on the coast and it was such an amazing caravan, I have many terrible memories of being inside these big static caravans as a child and it being a cold and damp place and being made to sleep in this tiny thin bed, but thankfully this caravan was beautifully looked after stunning and frankly bigger than I expected. it was a three bedroom, two bathroom one of which had such an lovely shower, trust me that its amazing to have a shower after spending 7 years just having a bath.. a beautiful kitchen, sofa sitting area and table, it had TV along with free-view which the children loved because they got to watch Cbeebies from 6 am (Yes they did really wake up that early) along with books, DVD player, DVD’s and board game and a kitchen with basic electronics, plates and cutlery..

It was more than I honestly expected, the owners had given us some bread, butter some juice and a small carton of milk along with a bag of ice in the fridge which was much appreciated as it was a hot weekend away.

The day we left, we had planned to leave the Thursday evening and get there ready for bed, but we underestimated the time in which we had planned to arrive and didn’t turn up until gone 1 am, but the children loved it, tired but enjoyed their long car journey south, we of course stopped once and got some food and a toilet break but it was a really clear and smooth trip with a beautiful sunset as we drove around London.

Our First Day – 

Robin of course slept in with us during the first night, she was sick in the trip down so I didn’t want her to sleep in the travel cot that the owners had set up for her, so I didn’t get very much sleep and she woke me up at around half 5 demanding to get up and go, so we made camp into the living room with the TV on and we had a brief nap on the sofa with the wind blowing in through the windows.

Kai and Amelia woke up around half 7 and started playing some of the games that was left for us and of course enjoy a good episodes of childrens TV and Mr S followed suit by getting up at around 9, our plan for the day was get out for a walk, explore the area and once the owner had popped round to greet us, GO FIND THE BEACH!

Robin was extremely confused as to what was going on so she was very nervous, crying a lot and just not sure about anything but after going for a walk she managed to settle down a little, we walked down to the little inlet area of the coast that we could see from our window and she soon fell asleep in her buggy so everyone got a little rest as the owner turned up.

We then headed down to Weymouth beach which because it was a Friday, was packed with people, so the children played in the water and of course collected shells after that we took a drive to the nearest Tescos for some nappies and to our surprise it was located on the very tip of Weymouth and onto the Isle of Portland which is lovely little area with amazing views, I wish we had more time as there was so many places I wanted to explore.

We headed home, got some fish and chips (of course) and all went to bed


Second Day –

Today was the day I was most excited and anxious for, Today was the day I was going to meet Becca, we’ve had this planned for months and it was finally time to meet someone I have talked to for a year on Twitter.. the plan was to meet up around 1 which gave us time to get ready and get down to the beach, our plan of meet up and thing to do was the Sealife center but after a quick search it was shockingly expensive so we decided to use it as a meet point and go from there.

Meeting Becca was wonderful, I thought I would be this nervous wreck but it just felt like I was meeting someone I haven’t seen in a while and had a good old catch up, she vlogged the visit which you can see here and I spent a lot of the time snapping photos, we only sat and chatted for 4 hours I think but it felt a lot shorter, I am usually the worst person with meeting new people but it just was perfect and I really want to meet up again and maybe without the kids in tow so we could properly sit down and not be in ‘Mum mode’ as much..

We all ended up getting sunburn but it was all worth it to get to meet someone so supportive and lovely!

More fish and chips once we got home.. Amelia and Robin went to sleep really quickly so Kai and I went out to explore the area and take some photos of the sunset, it was a long and fun day enjoying the sea and the sun.

Last Day –

The final day was upon us, we had planned to do pretty much nothing besides preparing the car, going for a final walk around the park and getting ready for the journey back, which went a lot quicker than I liked, we stopped at the same place as we stopped going to Weymouth, had some lunch and picked up a few drinks for the road and was home in time for a quick meal before the children had to head to bed, we did get stuck on the M25 which was annoying but we was under the flight path of Gatwick so the children plane spotted and in the case of Robin.. slept for most of it.

We all had such an amazing time, the only time the children acted up was at bed time because they just got so excited and I really cannot wait until we book up and go again and of course meet up with the lovely Becca again!

Best first family holiday ever!!


We as a family do not go away very often, I think its just down to the price or the fact that our parents arent the ones who book the all important tickets for you but now that we are adults its time for us to plan and prep for the up and coming sunny days away in our beautiful world and what better than to do a little run down of all the exciting things you can find when after you’ve done the all important and adult thing which is to book Majorca flights and hotel


Palma Aquarium

Housing one of the largest shark tanks in the world, this amazing place is a must if you are visiting with children, we all know how much children love seeing fish float about in the calm and dark of the walkways, its beautiful and educational, with animals from all over our ocean and an incredible collection of marine plant life, the Aquarium itself has one many awards and is one of the islands top destinations for tourists, a must to add to your holiday bucket list.

Katmandu Park  –

Located in Magaluf and is the only theme park in Majorca this amazing theme park is full of lots of things to do with the family, from fun splash parks to the exciting Asylum which is for older children only and many many more fun things to do for all the family, open from April to October is a perfect addition to an exciting holiday abroad

Palma Cathedral –

Situated in the city of Palma is this amazing gothic cathedral which over looks the sea and if you are anything like my husband then you would love this amazing piece of history and I know being the photographer in the family would be endlessly snapping away at the beautiful architecture

Caves of Drach – 

If you are up for some exploring then this is the place to go head to Porto Cristo and there you will find the cave, inside the cave itself is Lake Martel which is known for being one of the largest underground lakes in the world, if you would travel by boat across the lake you will find classical music which is played daily at the location. a stunning piece of natural history in the making and a fascinating look at geography.

Now that I’ve shared these amazing places, where would you visit on Majorca?

Until next time

**Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post