Jewellery has been my passion since I discovered it when I was a little girl, I have a memory of me going through my nan’s jewellery box and trying on her bracelets and rings and as I grew older I developed a little style that I like, which has been gemstones and silver, so when I discovered this amazing little indie brand called Roses and Whiskey that does a mix of the two, how could I not resist?

They only have a small range on their website to choose from but I feel like that’s the magic of it all that there isn’t much of a choice so you don’t end up buying out the whole shop in one go! their gemstone necklaces caught my eye straight away and I decided on the beautiful amethyst (which is good for the mind) and the clear and beautiful quartz point, there is a choice of smooth or natural cut and of course the type of chain you wish to go, Silver, Gold or a black cord. You can choose the length of the chain/cord which is fantastic, I have a wide neck so I love things that have a long chain so I can wear them a bit longer than usual without cutting off any important circulation and they are a good length too.

One of my favorite things about them has to be that they are clearly handmade, I used to make my own jewellery and I love how unique handmade pieces can be, not everything is the same so it really is a one of a kind piece and we all know how important it is to support handmade and indie brands more than shop bought, even more so with jewellery as the designers are always such wonderful and friendly people..

I next had a look at the earrings, now with earrings I am super picky, I find that I cannot wear gold but I found these delightful hoop earrings with moon and stars, which completely reminded me of my ‘hippy’ stage as a child when everything had to be moon and stars! I was worried that the hoop itself would’ve been to big but when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised and they are beautiful, dainty and while I do not want to say the C word yet, perfect for Christmas.

One thing I will say is that they did take a little while to turn up, but because it is handmade there is of course a little time frame between your order going in and it being made and sent out, which I completely understand having made jewellery myself in the past, its not like how it is on amazon where you order by 5 on a Thursday and its there next day, I guess because I was so used to the almost instant dispatch times of amazon that I got a little impatient waiting but once they turned up I was delighted.

Roses and Whiskey are on twitter which is where I found them, so don’t forget to give them a little follow if you like what they do and they are also on instagram as well,  I am for sure going to get more in future, the price is of course kind to your pockets and the jewellery that turns up at your door is beautiful!

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Disclaimer - I paid for these products with my own money, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


My Wishlist –


While of course Christmas is all about giving gifts, its also a thing of receiving gifts too, Whenever I get asked what I want my mind goes completely blank and my answer is almost always ‘I dunno… money?’

but I have an amazon wishlist which I add to throughout the year, its more of a ‘things id like to get but not yet’ list.. which I realize should probably be in my basket but eh.. I’m useless..

So here are a few things that are on my amazon wishlist;

U2 – Songs of Experience, I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a new U2 album, besides the free one they gave all apple users so this is for sure on my list! if I don’t get it I will probably end up buying it in the sales.

All the Pusheen products known to man, I love this little fat grey cat, I have so many dotted about the house in the form of plushies and cups, I need more!


This cute Bee necklace and earring set, I love bees.. they are one of the few insets I am not scared off, and you must have respect for the humble bee because there aren’t many left in the world at the minute.. in fact Burts Bee’s did a Save the Bee campaign which I wrote about here

and finally

FUJI instax mini camera, I have seen this thing everywhere on YouTube and other bloggers and I just love it, it reminds me of course of the Polaroid cameras, I love how it looks and who cant beat real photos to place on the fridge!

and that’s it, not hoping to get any of these, but they are sitting on my wishlist.

Until next time

Mummy Cat





Winter Accessories –

Winter has to be one of my favorite times of year, mainly because I can deal with the fashion and comes with it, big cozy jumpers, coats and boots, but also it comes with fun costume jewellery which every year I think I must gain 10 new pairs of terrible earrings.

I got these all from sainsburys the other week and I just love them


These are adorable little pins, its a collection of four (the other one is on my changing bag) and I think they’re just so cute, if you are more into subtle accessories then you should get something like this, plus I think the little penguin would look great at any time of year.



My mum told me loudly when I was looking at these that she has a pair of those for the big day, they aren’t really for me but they are getting a good giggle from the children, not heavy but are super bulky so I am going to get crafty with them and turn them into two coat charms for my children because everything needs to be festive!!


These tiny earrings came in a back of six, which contains three studs and three ‘dangly’ ones and this pair are my completely favorite and I think you can see why, so cute!

Another thing you will not see far from my person is my Hufflepuff scarf, I took the Pottermore quiz and after years of thinking and being a proud Slytherin, turns out I am a Hufflepuff instead, So I have accepted it and proudly wear my house colors out and about, and of course my arm warmers!


Until next time

Mummy Cat