Another month gone which means one thing, Another Glossybox, last months box did get a little ignored, mainly because my month was so busy with the summer holidays and the fact we went away, so I decided to not do July’s and share you Augusts.

This months box is all about Pride, the box is a beautiful rainbow and is full of amazing products that are full size,and all designed to bring more love and vibrancy into your life.

Whats In The Box… 

Ink Me Stamp and Sticker Tattoos – 

An adorable heart stamp and some sparkly sticker tattoos? what more could you ask for, Perfect for festival time and of course for the Pride events going on over the country, Amelia has been enjoying the heart stamp and I have to admit I do love it too, The sticker tattoos just remind me of my childhood when I had become obsessed with stick on tattoos and covered my body with them, they are beautiful, pretty and of course fun.

Victoria Secret’s PINK Selfie Skin Sheet Mask – 

Not being much a fan of sheet masks, I always find them to be to sticky for my skin, but I like this one, the mask itself is full of wonderful coconut oil and makes your skin super soft, I put mine on after a bath and it was lovely to cool down and calm my skin down with this lovely mask, and itself being the first piece of Victoria Secret products I have owned, so that’s a plus.

Trifle Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Jam –

I love this stuff, I feel that I have mentioned many times before that I am the biggest of makeup newbies, but I really like this, it gives a subtle pink hue, almost a natural color which I think is perfect. I adore the packaging and thanks to Glossybox have received other Trifle Cosmetic products in the past. Honestly they are both amazing and of course they are vegan friendly and cruelty free.


Kaledio Cosmetics Astrolight Highlighter – 

Highlighers are one of those things I don’t know how to use, purely because I don’t think I have ever brought any, but this is why these boxes are great, so you can try new things out and learn new things about makeup. The one thing I know about this product is that it smells AM-AZ-ING! it has a beautiful fruity scent and I cannot get enough of it.

3INA The Shadow Paint 703 – 

Before I start with this product, I adore the packaging, it reminds me of course of a little tube of paint. The shadow itself is such a dark blue, I don’t know if I could wear it myself as I am more of a mascara and go girl, but I think the fact that liquid shadows are a thing now, easy to put on and to remove, but knowing me I ended up getting it all over my fingers.


Bring on September, which judging by the little sneak peak is all about change and eyebrows! I cant wait.


It really feels like yesterday that I shared the wonderful goodies that was in last months box, which you can take a little look here. This months box is all about recreating the beautiful and sophisticated styling of French beauty with hints of summer on the Mediterranean coast.

Here’s all the exciting items that you can get in the…

LARITZY COSMETICS Shade Stick – A bronzer on a stick, I was actually surprised by the dark colour of this, put its perfect to add a healthy glow to your skin and can also be used a contour stick and I was amazed that it didn’t feel heavy on my skin compared to what I expected cream contours to feel, you see them all over Instagram and they just look heavy but this is lovely and whats perfect is that its also cruelty free which is a plus in my book.

MONU SKIN Eye Cool Gel – This Cool Gel has been a godsend, Since we gave up Robins dummy shes been up and down most nights, which means we lacked sleep, it says on the directions to rub under the eye to help reduce the morning puffiness and its honestly helped big time with the child induced lack of sleep, the product has such a subtle but fresh scent to it and I am going to purchase more in the future!

NIP + FAB Glycolic Scrub Fix – I am always very anxious when it comes to face scrubs, my skin can be so temperamental so I was a little worried about using this but surprisingly it isn’t as harsh as I expected it to be there are of course a little warning on it to stop if there are any irritations but its left my skin feeling all smooth and smells lovely when you rub it in.

NOVEX Mystic Black Deep Hair Mask – Much like facial scrubs, anything that goes onto my hair always worries me as my hair can be really greasy even after a day but this was lovely, it did make my hair lack volume, which is funny as I spent most of my teen-hood wishing I didn’t have frizzy hair to now wishing I had more volume and bounce but this was really nice, I can see it being something that I will continue to use until I finish it.

WILKINSON SWORD Intuition f. a. b. Razor – A razor is one thing I always fail to buy whenever I go shopping, so having one in the June box is fantastic and now I can stop using my husbands haha, nothing really special to say about it other than I’m happy I got it! Gotta get those legs out for summer… or not..

I adored this months box, I feel like theyre getting better and better with each one they send out and I love how they have little themes each month and the little sneak peak for next month looks like its all about the beach and I cannot wait!

If you wish to grab Glossybox for yourself click here and enjoy monthly treats!

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I am useless, I had planned to do April’s box bit with how busy that month was it just never happened but no worries, its time to explore what I got on the May box! and how beautiful does this box look! I had a huge clear out over the weekend and chucked out all my older boxes because I simply didn’t have the room for them but decided to keep all the pretty limited ones and this one has joined the collection! but enough about the box.. onto the goodies!!


Just For Feet Jelly Foot Soak – I know this sounds really weird but when feet care is needed its often down the weird route, I plan on doing a nice review about this in an up coming post so I can fully share with you what I completely think of this fun and interesting product.

Maria Nala Shampoo and Conditioner – This shampoo is wonderful! I wish I had this when I was growing up as my hair was this frizzy mess as a teen and this shampoo and conditioner is such a great little set, I am usually really picky with what I put on my hair with the fact that my hair can get very greasy quickly but this has made my hair feel smooth and it smells amazing too.

Kueshi Facial Makeup Remover – Being a mother, my makeup remove is usually a baby wipe because who  has time to take their face off properly, but I have always wanted to try a liquid based remover and this one with an oil, that’s there to give your tired skin a little refreshing sensation when you remove your makeup, it works fantastically and I am glad this was part of this months box.

Trifle Cosmetics Praline Palette  – One can never have to many palettes right? this one from Trifle Cosmetics, which I have never heard of before is beautiful! six dark shades that can be used wet or dry, the shades are stunning and I love the packaging too, perfect size to fit in a handbag or travel bag!

and the a wonderful little extra treat of this interesting tea called We Are Tea, I am so picky when it comes to tea, I literally only drink one type and that’s English Breakfast but I am willing to give Ear Grey a go as it does have such a delightful scent and I know you aren’t meant to but a dash of milk and some sugar made this tea perfect for me.


That’s it for this months box, one of the things about Glossybox that I love is how many items that are vegan friendly and also friendly to our environment, this has to have been my favorite box so far, if you are interested in trying Glossybox yourself click here.

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Oh boy here we go..

I have said many many times that I am one of the biggest make up newbies on the planet but that still doesn’t stop me from enjoying and buying makeup, I was tagged in this wonderful tag by the fantastic Clare at Freddies Mummy to share with you want exactly is going on inside my holographic makeup bag.


Honestly, not a lot, but I do have a small collection of goodies from Glossybox and when I got it, Birchbox but I am going to talk about whats going on inside just my main makeup bag that I use daily.


Boots Almond and Coconut Body Butter – I know this isnt exactly a face cream but I love how it smells and often pop in onto my face after I wash my hair as my skin can get super dry and sore, but I also use this before I pop any makeup onto my face, it leaves my face feeling all smooth, soft and not forgetting that Coconut reminds me of holidays so it smells amazing

Maybelline Creamy Concealerand Satin Liquid, which I mention on my monthly favorites that you can give a little read here, I pop the Creamy Concealer under my eyes to hide my hideous dark circles that my children have created and blend in.. sometimes it does the trick but others not so much and on top of it all I have the Satin Liquid, I used to use an Elf foundation but I found it made me break out into spots but this one hasn’t.

My powder is a Rimmel Clear Complexion powder and as you can see by the look of it, its well loved and used, I have been meaning to grab myself a new one but as its half term I haven’t had the time to pop into town without three children in tow.


I used to do daily some beautiful winged eyeliner, I mastered it and it would come out perfect every time, but then hayfever season hit last year and I sort of gave up doing it, and now I settle with simply having some mascara on my eyes to which I use is another Maybelline product, Colossal Volume Express Mascara, I am not 100% sure if I like this one yet, it does have the brush I like but it doesn’t seem to coat my lashes as good as other mascaras I’ve had from Maybelline.


Eyebrows are the biggest issue I have in my life at the minute, I dont have any.. well I do but they are so fair that if I didnt do anything with them I look really odd, and it was one of my biggest insecurities growing up as an awkward teenager, Oh how I wish I knew about brow makeup when I was in school, it wouldve been the end of all my troubles!

I use, Maybelline again, Brow Drama along with Brow Satin, I learnt when I was about 20 a neat little trick with a slightly dried up mascara brush and to back comb your brow hairs with it and it will coat the hairs with any makeup that sat on it, and when I saw that there was an actual product out there that did the same thing, I was excited!

and that’s all that was inside my holographic makeup bag! I did say I didn’t have a lot but what I have is used daily.

I tag –


and I ask you to do this too! a free for all tag if you fancy!!

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Another month has gone and it means another little roundup of the exciting goodies in March’s Glossybox, I decided because of the fact that last months had run into March itself that I would wait until April to do the next one just so that I wouldn’t have two Roundup posts in the same month, let me know if you like this idea or if I should switch back to doing it in the same month..

This months box is all about spring, which believe it or not, despite the snow and rain, is right around the corner, heres what I got in March’s Glossy Box


MUDMASKY Sleep Repare Renewal Nourishing Mask – Now I am not the biggest fan of masks, I think its got something to do with the fact that I have very little time to sit down and let them do their work, but this one works through the night, so when you are doing nothing besides sleeping and dreaming, this mask goes to work and looks after your skin, its got a very fresh feeling when applied to the skin and I really like how its made my skin feel.


ORYZA BEAUTY – Warm Nude Lipstick (Shade ARWA)– You know me and my feeling of lipsticks, I find some really hard to match with my pale skintones but a bit like my mum I find nudes a little more appealing and this one with a subtle pink shade is really nice on my lips, it doesnt make my lips go dry like most matte shades and is an all round favorite of mine, into the makeup bag it goes!


FIGS & ROUGE – Soft Focus Pore Perfect HD – I think one of the best things about Glossybox is that you can try new things which you wouldn’t normally pick up in stores and I would never have picked up this Pore Perfect cream, I am endlessly trying to help my poor skin and I have found this has been wonderful for it so much so I have almost finished the tube.

UNIVERSAL BEAUTY – Secret Flush – I have started to really love liquid blushes at the moment, mainly because they have a duel uses and can be also used as a lip stain which is what I have been using it for, its a lovely pink shade that isnt to in your face and with the size its perfect to put into the handbag or in my case, nappy bag for when you are out and about.

MEG COSMETICS – Good Night PM Mask – Masks like this make me laugh, I see them all over Instagram with these models and makeup artists on there using them before they place a thick layer of makeup on their face.. the last time I had a face mask I got Mr S to put it on which he he sat and complained about but I tried this one and I honestly like how cold it is, I want to try the AM mask for the day as my skin on my face can get really dry after I wash my hair and I feel like this is something that could sooth my skin, it left my face feeling so cool and fresh feeling which when you are off to bed is a wonderful feeling.


And that’s what I got in this months Glossybox! if you want to give the box a try which I recommend you do, then you can sign up here the next months sneak peaks are making me so excited for when it turns up at my door!

Until next time