Support is a rare thing, sometime you find it everywhere and others I have noticed become nonexistent, I am now coming up to my second year of publicly sharing my posts online and actively posting and talking to a group of people on twitter and around the community known as blogging and there is one thing I have noticed above all else is how mean some people can be.

So I have decided to share some of my favorite bloggers that I have developed friendships and really enjoyed reading of the past two years.


My Girls and Me – Becca is one of the loveliest people I have met so far in blogging, shes honest and compassionate and I am so grateful to have gotten to know, her beautiful family are wonderful and I love hearing all the silly things both Miyah and Rosie get up to daily, There is a little plan in place for a meet up in the summer holidays and I just cannot wait.

The Honest Father – Mark might be considered controversial by many but hes such a nice chap and if I am fair, he lives up to his blogging name, he truly is honest and isn’t scared of anyone bringing him down and speaks truthfully about the types of bullshit that can occur in the blogging world.

Lady Writes – I met Chloe in a comment pod, Yes I do use them but I have learnt one thing about being in comment pods is that you find some amazing bloggers that are actually enjoyable to sit and read daily, she has just started up a Youtube channel which you can find here, and she is honestly the most down to earth ‘bigger’ lifestyle blogger I have met and is just utterly beautiful!

Fizzy Peaches – Lyndsay is just wonderful, I have been really enjoying reading her blog, her little family are adorable and they have about to become an even bigger family soon! I couldn’t be more excited for her.

TippyTupps – Vicki reminds me very much of myself, shes funny and has such an adorable family, I love how her blog isn’t just one thing but its her life from food and crafting to books, I have really enjoyed getting to know Vicki over the year.

Bringing Up the Berneys – Becky’s blog is I think the first lot of mum bloggers I started following when I decided to blog more back in early 2017, she has an absolutely adorable family and has just welcomed the cutest little boy into her family and I love seeing him on instagram when she shares videos and is one of the few I personally take time out to sit down and read her blogs when they go live.

Boston Book Reader – Kris is from Boston (if it isn’t obvious) and blogs about books but she also shares vlogs and other little lifestyle videos on her youtube here, I just love having one of her vlogs open while I cook lunch for the children and her book reviews are great! plus if you need some advice about crystals then shes the girl for you.

Busy Bee Mummy Bex – I know Rebecca through Instagram and through the BCApril16 lot, she has a fantastic blog that she set up after having her second child Hugo who has Bilateral Talipes to bring awareness to it, and you can read all through her life dealing with it from doctors appointments and other things life throws at you, Bex is my blogging inspiration and her instagram is goals!


That’s enough of me rabbiting on about my favorites, who are yours?


Most parents are a lot more stressed out about what goes on at the school playground, they panic over minor bumps or general injurys but I am a much more of a relaxed ‘whatever’ kind of parent..

I have always been a firm believe in that to avoid tears and a tantrum is to just stand up and brush it off and it has actually helped prevent potential melt downs, I am also one of those people who laugh when something humors happens during a bump, and when you have more than one child its usually caused by either one of them..

Sometimes its both of them together..

Back in 2016, Amelia and Kai had just started going to school together, she had just entered into Reception and he was in year 2, so during the play times at lunch or at break they would still be playing together in the Key Stage 1 playing area of the school, occasionally I would get the trusty red letter home saying either one of them had to have a cold compress on their face/arm/leg and all went into the bin as it wasn’t worth saving.. but the one that DID need saving was this one..

‘Bumped into brother’ 

I couldn’t help but laugh, they both had been running around like headless chickens and collided together and both came home with a note which said the same thing, ‘Bumped into..’ it was a shining moment in our life as a family of more than one child, a humors thing to laugh at and they found it pretty funny too and its now proudly placed onto our fridge as a little reminder of the time two like minded chickens didn’t look where they where going and made mummy laugh.

Have any of your children done things that have just made you laugh? I think I am secretly hoping I am not the only one who cant help but chuckle when a minor accident occurs..

Forever slightly evil..

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This year has actually been pretty amazing, yes I have had a few bad months but I’m going to not dwell on them, it will only bring me down and this post isn’t going to be a downer of a post!

Over this year I’ve met so many wonderful people, who have been so supportive and I honestly value their friendships, I joined a comment pod and it’s actually turned into a nice little place to chat about daily life, most in it are book bloggers but it’s actually really great as it’s inspired me to read a bit more than I used to which I am sure they’ll love to hear!

I met some lovely mummy bloggers too, mainly Becca (My girls and Me) who has been such an incredible support and friend, I am so grateful to have met her and I aim to one day meet her in person!

I went to Birmingham to meet some ladies I know from a baby group on Facebook, you can read about it here if you want, I managed to face a fear, not completely as I don’t think I could get back on a train any time soon… to much of my mums pushing, but it was so wonderful to be able to meet these women and their beautiful babies!

This year has also been a year where I finally confronted my mental health and did something about it.. I actually went to speak to a doctor and she diagnosed me with social anxiety.. being diagnosed doesn’t really mean anything, you can deal with mental health without ever going to see a doctor but me taking that huge step into calling a doctor and seeing a stranger, while frightening and I had to go along with my mum, has helped me understand it a little more.. I am certain that there is some underlying depression too as I have been feeling very hopeless and empty at times and somewhat alone even when I know I talk to and have many friends, but I aim to discuss with my doctor when I see her again in the new year.

This year has also been a year for amazing milestones, I hit 1000 twitter followers which is incredible and 200 WordPress followers too! I am also amazed that I reached my goal for 10,000 page views for the year, which compared to some isn’t many but for me it’s amazing! 200 plus people read my blog and I feel truly blessed by it all, Little Ol’ me!!

Plus I completed blogtober which was a mean feat that I am rather proud of, it did kind of make me utterly exhausted during November but I loved it.

Family wise things have been great, Robin has gone from this silent little girl to a chatterbox who just the other day repeated back ‘I love you’ to Mr S, Kai is improving every day at school and Amelia has just impressed us everyday with her smarts! She’s so artistic, you will catch her drawing every day on her little magnetic sketch pad and we finally got a car and got mobile! Popped to Romford to visit their lush store and just simply enjoying the freedom of a car.

Mr S’s website B3 has gone from strength to strength this year with new ideas and new writers, he might annoy me sometimes but I am so proud of how much work he’s put into the website which he owns, from conventions to indie game jams (not the sweet fruit variety) if you love reading about games or know someone who does let them know of the site.. or better if you know someone who might want to write they are offering spaces for writers, non payment at the minute of course but who knows what the future will hold!

As I said, while there have been some really dark days, this year has been a blessing.. I’ve made some wonderful friends in the blogging world and actually travelled to meet some mum friends, I cannot wait to see what adventures 2018 has in store for us!

Wishing you a wonderfully happy new year

Mummy Cat




Holiday Traditions –

We don’t have very many traditions in our family, and as my children are reaching the age that they are at now, I have been trying to build and make our own for them to enjoy in the future..

One of the main ones has to be a new pair of pj’s on Christmas eve, hot chocolate or some milk and the best Christmas film, in my opinion of course The Muppet’s Christmas Carol before heading to bed.. Which I then break into my tradition of rush wrapping everything in the small space of time I have left.


My family has a tradition for Christmas day, once dinner has been eaten we move the tables out the way and sit down to share out the presents, I don’t know why we’ve done this but I find that it keeps the magic in the day a lot longer, the children might be impatient but I hope that once they get older they’ll see what I mean.

Not many, but they are ours and I love having them.. and each year we are going to keep adding little ones here and there to make sure our children have a magic time.

What are your families traditions?

Until next time

Mummy Cat



As the weeks go on R is improving so much with her speech, she’s now super expressive and it honestly continues to amaze me how much she’s improving in such a tiny space of time,

It still feels like yesterday that she was a tiny little squeaky newborn but we are now slowly reaching her second birthday and it’s sad but wonderful seeing her grow and learn.

So now that we are at 19 months I felt like it would be great to give an update on what she can say now. To view what she said at 17 months you can find the post here.

  • Loki’ – she used to just say ‘cat’ repeatedly but lately R has started saying the cats actual name which is so cute! She will now stand at the baby gate yelling ‘Loki!!’ to get his attention.
  • Socks‘ and ‘shoes’ – she doesn’t fully say those two words but more of a shuuee sound which is directed at her shoes and socks so it’s pretty clear what she’s attempting to say.
  • Amelia‘ – we never expected this one, much like ‘shoe’ she’s attempting the sound and will say ‘amelma’ which is always directed at our middle child.
  • Dadda‘ – everyone’s first word, but it’s now shouted to get Mr S’s attention and sometimes followed by a ramble of sounds like a conversation.
  • Mumma‘ – another surprising one, not often uttered but is aimed at me, when I prompt her to say it she will say ‘dada’ out of spite but I do get shouted at on occasion haha
  • Nana‘ – Nana is nice and easy, she squeals it when my mum turns up at the house.
  • Taaa‘ – this has been going on for a bit but it’s now obvious what she is saying, said when she’s either wanting something or giving something, manners at their finest.
  • Bye’ and ‘night night‘ – she’s always waved but now she will wave and say bye to anyone who’s getting a coat on, and when it comes to her bed time she will go around the house saying ‘naai’ to everyone which is her way of saying ‘goodnight’
  • Copying us when we count ‘one two three‘ – Mr S got her to start this one, she has no clue what she’s doing but will gladly and proudly repeat back at us ‘un, tooo, feeee, foooor’ she’s happy and the other two children love making her repeat it back to them.
  • Bum‘ – pretty self explanatory, said whenever she sees a nappy because we call nappies ‘bums’ after saying ‘change your bum’ many times.

Each month is something new and I can’t wait for what she will learn to say next which I will of course update you on.

Until next time

Mummy Cat


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