July at last!! This month has been nothing but warmth and hay fever so expect a lot of complaining from me in this post, also I know I usually post these at the end of the previous month but life got ahead of me and there is nothing worse than sitting up a computer while its hot.. Motivation hasn’t been my strong point this month that’s for sure!

Once again I will be doing a ‘Mummy’ favorites, lots of lovely things that I have loved that have helped me through this wonderful journey of motherhood and beyond and this usually is bath products and toys ha!

Daewoo Floor Fan (it says its sold out but always check the stores)– we got this a couple of days ago from Home Bargains and it’s swiftly become the favorite thing ever! England has been hit by a heatwave (or summer to the rest of us). It cost £29 but it’s so worth it! Cools the room down so quickly and I am honestly tempted to go back and get another one! It’s my biggest fan 😉 haha!

Treacle Moon Pear Bon Bon– I grabbed this in Tesco’s and oh my goodness it’s amazing, it reminds me of the amazing and limited edition Snow Fairy from lush and you know me and my hunt for good dupes of that scent! this is a limited edition scent from Treacle Moon so grab it when you can!

Burts Bees Lip Balm – Last year Burts Bee’s did a Bring back the bees campaign which if you purchased one of their special edition lip balms they will plant 3000 wild flowers, they have done it again this year but with a lovely scented strawberry lip balm and it’s amazing! Because of the fans my lips have been so dry so this has been used obsessively (along with other lip balms) To pick up your own and help Burts Bee’s plant more wild followers here is a handy little link for you 🙂

Seksy Embrace* – I got this perfume to be a part of a gift guide which you can have a read here but it has swiftly become my favorite, the scent it self is a gentle and sweet scent which reminds me of another perfume that I cannot put my finger on, it also came with a cute little swarovski crystal on the bottle but as it fell off, I now have it on my Pandora and its beautiful in this summer sun we’ve been having.

Micro Trike* – This was sent out to bloggers a while ago and I was fortunate to get one too, it looks a little wobbly but surprisingly it’s not bad, it did take a lot of getting use to for both me and Robin but I think she loves it, it’s made our school runs a lot quicker and Robin will literally rush to get herself ready if she knows she’s going to get on it, the only issue I have with it is that the handle bar is far to short for me, and i am not exactly the tallest human (I am a hobbit) so my arm has ended up being sore, but I do love how it turns and how tiny it is!

I did a fun bout of YouTube wandering one day and came across Sia, now I knew of her before but I had no idea just how talented she was and I found a live version of Chandelier which swiftly became my favorite song, so much so its stuck in my head and it wont come out, so I am going to share it with you so you can enjoy it too! I am am aware that I am extremely late to the party but no matter.

and that is my monthly favorites for June! next month I will continue with the theme but I am going to let my children choose the things that they have loved about July!

until next time

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I know I say this every month but another month gone before we know it, This time I am going to share you with some of my favorite mummy products as well as children’s products that I have used throughout the month of May. its been a heretic month, no different than the last if I am honest but with the amount of days off the children have had from school and the breaking of the blog (which I explain here) I haven’t had much time to do anything besides parent and online shop (shush).

but enough of me rambling, here are my ‘Mummy’ Favorites from May..


Teapigs Everyday Tea – These are so expensive but they are my morning cup of tea, the one that I feel upset that I miss or when the milk goes off and cant have it, I will have one of these a day and they taste lovely, TeaPigs the brand have other more fancy tears as well as the bog standard ‘Everyday’ tea but because I am super picky and such a fussy eater I settled with the boring one and I love having it as part of my morning mummy routine.

Treacle Moon Bath Gel and Body Butter – I found this product during our weekly shop in Tescos, and while once again this is another thing thats a bit more expensive than the usual bath and body care I had to have it, I got the Coconut scented one but the other scents are delightful! if you ever see them around grab the body butter as its just delightful and always fantastic when you are having your much needed Mummy alone time which as we know are few and far between haha.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Ive probably mentioned this product before in one of my monthy favorites, because frankly what mother doent have this one in their arsenal of hair products! I wish I had known of this when I was a greasy teenager because its been such a life saver when it comes to having presentable hair during the school runs, when you simply havent had the time to jump into the shower and wash your hair, they come in a collection of scents, I have the Blush one and its such a sweet scent! I believe I got this from Home Bargains for a pretty good price as they rarely go on deal in the shops.

Lush Gorgeous Moisturizer (sample pot) – When I did my last next order I decided to ask for a few samples and one of them was this, while they didnt give me much and I am running out now this is so wonderful, its a little expensive so I can see why they only gave me a small amount but what I got has lasted for so long, I am going back to a Lush store on the 3rd of June so I may grab myself a much bigger tub of this lovely scented cream.

Ugly Betty – Mr S was away for most of the end of May, he was in sweden and I spent literally all night while he was gone watching the wonderful and completely ahead of its time with the subjects it covers, from transgender siblings to a young boy growing up and discovering his sexuality and this show was released in 2006! it was such a shame that it was cancelled due to low ratings but those who love it still appreciate this show, while it did have its stereotypical moments its one of those shows that I couldn’t get bored of and always made me laugh

Here is a little clip of it.

Amanda has to be my favorite character, next to Betty’s sister Hilda, but all of them have such wonderful stories and I just wish it lasted a bit longer so it could’ve been explored better than the rush job that is the final four episodes of season four..


Sweet Hearts Hair Design Hair Detangler – We was sent this product after answering a call out on I believe facebook, this lovely Instagram store was offering samples of their own made detangler and I was so excited to give it a try, so far it works wonders, I use it on Amelia’s hair after her hair was or sometimes before school when her hair just wont knotout, I have also used it on Robins mess of hair because of how she sleeps it gets all tangled up at the back, and we love it, it smells lovely and does the job just fine without leaving any sticky residue on the hair and I love how its made from all organic ingredients, its something I wish I had when Amelia was smaller as she hated having her hair brushed because of how much it got tangled up, not a sales pitch I promise but you must go and get yourself some if your children’s hair can get a little wild like mine haha.


And there we have my monthly favorites in May, I might make that a little theme for the next months products, seeing as I am a mummy blogger, I wonder what exciting things we have in Junes Monthly Favorites…

Until next time


I know I know, I forgot to do February’s monthly favorites, I have a perfectly good reason for that and its purely because I was sick for most of that month and my mental health wasn’t exactly perfect either (when is it ever?) but this month I am feeling a lot better and I have things that I have used/watched that I can add to a favorutes list! so here goes.



I have always been a big fan of Maybelline products, its average price and have always been kind on my skin, so when I went to look for some new foundation I had to try this one, I have tried their Matte Mousse before but after being pregnant for the third time it caused my skin to become really dry so I wanted to switch to more of a liquid foundation and this Satin Liquid foundation was on a deal in my local tesco’s so I thought why not! it doesnt feel heavy and I like how it goes onto my skin along with the Brightening Creamy Concealer, both work really well with my awkward skin and are able to hide all those black circles produced by being woken up in all hours of the night.



The one thing I have worn near constantly during this month has been my pandora bracelet, I got a couple of new charms for mothers day and I decided to wear it a little bit more, I got it for my 23rd birthday and thanks to work I never really put it on much, but now that its gaining more charms I wanted to show it off a little more, not all of them are pandora brand because frankly they are super expensive for me but I found a good company on amazon that sell sterling silver charms at a good price (and sent them over to my husband)

I have also been loving these printed T shirts from Printsome, which host a whole range printed garments including children’s clothing, so if you are off out to a event as a group then these would be perfect!



Last month Bugaboo announced the launch of their new pram called the Fox, and sadly discontinued the sale of the beautiful stunning Buffalo which has been my dream pram since I saw it but it was been something I was sure I would never call my own, I explained to my husband that it would be my last pram, and would be used for the next baby (yes I am mad) and how it was also being removed from sale on the Bugaboo website and he agreed to buy it for me and its amazing! I am actually in love with it!



Gaming –

This month I have played a few games, one has been Rainbow Six Siege who have done a month long mode with zombies and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, Played it with my good gaming friends and its been a blast just being stupid while playing a game mode, you take over one of the operatives from the main game and go through events to help a doctor or find the source of the virus that’s causing the outbreak, its been an enjoyable experience learning how to use different operatives and I have actually gained a little more respect for some of the support characters which has then helped me in the main game.

I have also been playing Minecraft with my husbands website lot, they set up a server and its been a lot of fun getting back into Minecraft and building things, its being made into a modded Minecraft server too so once its all set up I cant wait to get back onto it and do what I said I was going to do and make everyone else a breakfast burrito!

Tv –

Amazon prime has been my friend for the last month, it has had me addicted once more to the fabulous series called Scrubs! I have binge watched all of it up until season 8 and stopped there, I know I should watch season 9 but I remember hating it when I first saw it so I will end this months favorites with my favorite moment from Scrubs..

and there we have it! How fast did March go compared to January? this year is going by faster than I expected but I am excited for next month because its both my birthday month and Robin will be turning 2!

Heres to another fantastic month!

Until next time


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Another month is gone, just like that, but I will say how slow did January take to end? was it always 70 days long? perhaps its just my age catching up with me finally, but this month has been full of new favorites and old faithfuls making January a little easier to deal with.

Products (Covering hair care and makeup)

Bed Head Shampoo and Conditioner – I got these, surprisingly not at a salon or some fancy shop, but Home Bargains at the wonderfully cheap price of £7 each! considering you can buy a single bottle from a salon for about £20… I am happy with my little bargain, these two are perfect for dyed hair but they did other hair types too.. if you see some, I recommend grabbing some because good product at a good price is very hard to come by.

Maybelline Colossal Mascara – I have not changed the brand of mascara I use since I discovered these, in the days of those tiny brushes I loved the bigger brush.. less likely to poke myself in the eye if I use one of these and when everyone else was doing those tiny brushes, they did the big ones and I love them.


Fake Flowers – I hold my hand up, I am a flower killer, I cannot keep anything alive in my home, its amazing i’ve managed to keep three children and a cat alive if i’m honest, but flowers and plants… do not seem to last very long, so I have a wonderful collection of silk flowers that last all through the year and if you see them from far away, you cannot tell the difference. I got this stunning lot from Amazon shortly after I murdered a tomato plant (which you can read about here if you are interested) and since then its grown from this little bundle to some fake Gerbera Daisies, which are my wedding flowers, and some delightfully realistic but fake succulents for the bath room and I don’t care that I am the worst flower mother in the world, my home is full of fake ones and that’s good enough for me plus they make wonderful flat lay photo props!


Baby Boden – I am an eBay addict, I use it almost all the time for anything from things for the home to when I did up my Bugaboo Frog.. but I have been using it to find clothing for my youngest and Baby Boden have so many wonderful items with the humble robin on, seeing as that is her name it was only fitting that I find all the outfits I could locate with a robin on them and I think I did very well don’t you?

Gel-A-Pen* – I did a little review of this product which you can give a read here but Amelia has been obsessed with it since, shes sat with me and made some bracelets and has asked me to get some more pens and being the wonderful.. pushover that I am and that I also enjoy playing about with these pens.. I have!


Image found on google

Top Gear/The Grand Tour – I discovered Top Gear back in 2007, I must have watched it earlier on because its been on British television since the 80’s, but when I found them again I was welcomed into a fandom, a world full of other fans who loved these three idiots in fast cars and I fell in love with them and their dynamic and when the Top Gear I knew and love ended I noticed a little hole in my life, I didn’t realize how much these idiots meant to me until a fracas happened and they were taken off air to be replaced with other people, BUT they got lucky and The Grand Tour started, which is on Amazon Prime, and my world started to feel better.. and then during a time when some bad things happened in my life, which of course I wont go into, but it caused me to have multiple panic attacks a day, I started using Top Gear to take my mind off it all and I came away from a day of binge watching Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May feeling better and briefly anxiety free..

Its sad that these three men brighten my day, make me feel better and never EVER fail to make me smile and laugh.. even when my day feels dark and lonely.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim – I have sort of spoken about Skyrim before here in a silly little tour of the world but I love this game, I have spent hours upon hours playing it and I have restarted the game many times over.. this time I have modded it and it looks stunning! its at least 7  years old now but stepping back into that world when it was remastered for the xbox one, was like stepping into the world the first time I played it! if you are ever looking for a little escape I highly recommend you pick up Skyrim.. its just the best game I have ever played.


Rainbow – Sia – Back in October my mum and I took Amelia my middle child to see the My Little Pony movie for her 6th birthday and naturally I brought the soundtrack because I actually enjoyed the film and the music that came with it, this song was played at the end of the film and it actually makes me a little weepy when I hear it but its also been stuck in my head for about a month when it came on random on my ipod, its such a great little song and I love the beat that it has.

and there you have it, my monthly favorites for the month of January, what have been your favorite little treats from this month?

until next time

Products sent to me for review are marked with a *

I am going to be doing something slightly different for this months favorites, I’ve decided to share with you my favorite gifts that I received this Christmas

I got lots of lovely items and of course chocolate this year and here are a few of the goodies..



Pusheen the cat was all over my wishlist this year, I would point out bits when I would head to the shops with my mum, so imagine my excitement knowing I now have plenty of new Pusheen bits to add to the collection.. Mr S got me the coasters and the slippers, my mum got me a mug (not pictured) Nanny H got me the bag and Bro in Law got me a mirror (not pictured).

Rocket Dog ankle boots was another item on my list, I completely forgot that I added these.. I have a habit of adding things to a wishlist that was meant for the basket but my mum got me these, I have yet to wear them but I can see them looking lovely with my orange skirt!

Amethyst earrings are from Nanny H and I love them, Amethyst is a great stone for the mind and felt cold when I wore them, these weren’t on my list I don’t think so a wonderful surprise


Self Care – 

My Mother in law got me this wonderful box set, I discovered Snow Fairy last month and its now my favorite scent, I even went into a store for the first time to try and locate it but sadly its now all gone, but I have this box of goodies to enjoy until then.

It comes with a small bottle of shower jel, small tub of body conditioner, a reusable bubble bar and a jelly bath bomb, usually I am not the bath bomb fan but this one was amazing!.

This one has to be my favorite of the lot.


Home – 

From my brother in law and on my wishlist but a forgotten gem, a beautiful sun catcher which now sits in our window and shines rainbows around the living room.. who doesn’t like a beautiful sun catcher?


Entertainment –

I stand corrected, this is the single best gift I have gotten over Christmas, from the wonderful Mr S, I originally wanted to get this for myself when he was in Germany during gamescom but I never got around to doing it and I honestly cant wait to sit down when he goes away again and enjoy it, I know its probably aged like mad but I don’t care..

Sabrina the Teenage Witch was my favorite TV show growing up as a child and you cant beat a bit of nostalgia.


Snacks –

Yes that is indeed a lot of malteasers! gifted from pretty much everyone, I am glad they know me well! as I am writing this one box is gone an I am slowly working on one of the bags!

Mmmm 🙂


And there are my Christmas favorites, what have been your favorite gift from this year? did you get anything you didn’t expect?

Until next time

Mummy Cat