I had the worst September with blogging, I pretty much abandoned my blog and just moaned about it all on social media, the reason why is what I can gather is my brain was rebelling as this time last year I was stressing about Blogtober. Which thankfully I am not doing it this year but try telling my head that!

None of my goals had been met, my views had been the worst since I started and I just didn’t feel motivated to write anything, which is pretty shitty when you have a collection of review posts that need to be posted. But I sat down at the weekend and decided enough was enough and somehow got myself out of this little self doubt bubble.

Complete our Autumn Bucket List –

So far we’ve managed to do one of the things on the list, which is to go collect pumpkins, you can have a little read here if you are interested, we’ve already managed to get one out of the way with our little adventure collecting conkers which you can read here, I am already planning our Pumpkin picking and autumn crafts as I type this!

Be More Positive –

Naturally a worrier, I’ve been dealing with some mental health issues this past few months, its really shown via my blogging or lack there of, I am going to try and be more positive with things, of course this is better said than done. Trying is always important with this, I give up far to easily so hopefully because now its no longer steaming hot and I feel comfortable in my body again, I should start feeling comfortable in my mind.

Continue Reaching Out –

Reaching out to brands is one goal I am continuing throughout the year, I am in the process of updating my email and making it more professional, say goodbye to Mummy_cat86 and hello to Sarah@mummycat, of course I am getting Mr S to help me out with the final tweaks as I am dumb as a post it seems and cannot figure out how to fix things on my own. Give me a parenting problem or photography issue and I can fix it in a flash, technology and blogging, Nope! so watch this space for new emails and more wonderful content.

Prepare for the C Word –

It is literally right around the corner, of course we have Amelia’s birthday to get through first and Memorial day, but I want to get as organised as I possibly can before Mr S and I do our big shop in November. We pick a day, usually the first Monday of November, head to the shops and get things sorted for the children. This year something is very different, we have a car, which we didn’t have last year so we wont be limited in what we can get.  Cant wait!


Pretty simple goals, I don’t have any social media or blog goals for this month, I just want to get through it and be happy at the end of it. whatever views I get, I am happy.

I just wish my DA would go up a bit more!

Do you have any goals for this month? are you hoping to achieve them?



Another month is long gone, and I am late with this post but that’s no matter, better late than never as they say. Looking back at last months goals, a lot of them didn’t happen, I didn’t spent much time with Dann and I damn well didn’t go for walks, it has simply been far to hot for that!

I did however reach my twitter goals finally after what felt like forever, I didn’t get my Instagram goals but, lets be real here, that is one of the harder ones to crack.

August itself is going to be tough, Dann is away a lot and its the final few weeks of the holidays from school, we all know how on edge the children can get when they’re away from school for so long, It is honestly safe to say this month is full of stress and exhaustion.

Life –

Be More Positive – Anxiety has hit me a lot last month, I don’t know why because July was such a good month for me personally but I haven’t been the best in the mental health sense, I have let my fears get the better of me and honestly felt like I wanted to stop blogging all together, I haven’t really told anyone about it because I didn’t want to really bother anyone, but August, despite the mad stress that its going to be, I want to be more positive.

Loose Weight – I know, I know, I say this a lot, but this time I feel different, I feel confident and determined to actually do something about my fat, I tried on a pair of jeans and they didn’t fit, so I decided to, rather than buy a bigger size, to try and I use the word try because I feel like its less stress, to loose some weight with calorie counting, as of today I have lost 5lbs … so here’s hoping I can continue and reach my goal, which has been set by my little calorie tracker as Christmas Eve..

Save Money – I think we all need to do this from now, as in four short months time the Big C is back and I want to be prepared!

Blog –

My blog is going okay, I guess I am happy with it, I have just started changing things up a bit and I like what I have done with the header, which I made myself, nothing fancy but I am pretty pleased with how it looks and fits, writing is going fantastic, I installed Yoast to help with SEO and making sure everything makes sense, and I feel like its made a little bit of a difference in view count, But of course it is early days as its only been one week.

I have been obsessed with Pinterest again, I never realized how much of a useful tool it could be and I find myself wasting hours pinning and reading posts from it, and this has also helped my blog views as well.

My photography is getting better, I try and take my camera with me whenever I go out because you just never know when its needed and I love it, I have tried to vlog but because I am so into the moment it never happens.

Social Media –

Pretty happy with my social media, I hit my twitter target of 2000 so realistically, because we have four months until the end of the year, like to hit at least 2300 by the start of 2019, its a big goal in a short space of time but I do feel it is achievable, Now with Instagram, I doubt very much it will grow how I want it.

I also want to start to work on my Facebook page as well as it sort of got pushed aside in favor of Twitter which I find a lot easier to handle.

All these social medias are just exhausting!


What are your goals for this month?




Well looking back at last months goals, I honestly didn’t achieve many of them, life got in the way along with the summer heat and to be honest nothing really got done, my fault completely but I’m an optimistic person and like to attempt to try again with many of my goals, but I will attempt the ones I didn’t in June along with ones I hope to create for July!

  Go for walks – it’s hot, and I’m lazy so naturally I’d rather spend time in front of the fan and not go outside where the pollen is high and the temperature is horrible, but I want to try and get out more for walks in the morning when it’s cooler, Robin and I used to walk all the time and I don’t know what happened to make us stop, but I want to get back into doing that.

Spend more time with Dann – we both work, he works full time and on his website and sometimes we never find time to do anything together, my work is usually the children and housework so by the end of the day I’m exhausted and just want to crash into bed, but we are trying to spend an evening together once a week, either a movie or simply me sitting and watching him play a game, it’s nice to just chat about stupid stuff going on in the game.

Be more creative – I’m useless, I’m trying to learn how to write calligraphy and other fancy lettering but I am just a complete butter fingers and also not confident in myself with doing it, but I want to continue to learn and start using it in my everyday life for cards and even my bullet journal, which has been forgotten thanks to just being mad busy and not feeling very clever with how I do it.

My blog is going great, but with anything I want to continue to improve it week by week, I’m considering changing up my logos a bit and having look cleaner and better but it does look okay now, I think I’ll always been changing it up and working on it

My main goal for my blog is to just keep writing, I had a slump last week when I just didn’t want to do anything and I really want to prevent that from happening again, I blame the heat and tiredness for that hah.

Anyone else excited about Autumn?

I managed to reach my Instagram goal of 300 followers and I am so pleased! I’ve worked so hard on it lately and I feel like it’s paying off and unfortunately I didn’t reach my twitter goal of 2,000 but these are my social media goals for the following month

Instagram : 400

Twitter : 2,000

I still want to attempt the 2,000 followers, I expect it will remain my goal until I reach it hah! But I’m pleased with the steady growth that’s occurring despite the follow/unfollow that seems to be going on.

And there you have it, my July Monthly Goals!

What have you got down as your goals?



I haven’t done a goals post in such a long time, I think I was getting worried that they had become to repetative but I feel inspired by the wonderful Maisie over on her lovely blog Love, Maisie, I wanted to get something down about what I hope to achieve in the month of June… you can read her June Goals here but onto my goals..


Drink Less Tea – I am beginning to find that I drink far to much tea, I know that’s not exactly a bad thing in the long run but I want to reduce it as I worry what effect that much tea can do to my body and I have found it harder to sleep some nights.

Eat More Fruit – I’ll put my hands up, I do not eat enough fruit, I do go through phases where I will love one type of fruit and after about a month of eating it, I stop completely but I want to stop being so fussy when it comes to food and fruit in general and add more into my diet.

Buy a new lens – I am desperate for a new lens, I have had my eye on one for a while now and it will be the first one I will get with my own money as all the lenses I own are loaned lovingly from my uncle, I want to get this 50mm one I have been looking at but its a case of saving up for OR hoping for a sale.

No More Takeouts – This one is better said than done, as lets face it, its so easy to just pop to the chip shop and get something yummy from there for dinner than cook, more so in this heat but I want to either reduce the amount we have or just stop completely.. wish me luck haha

Stop being so worried – I am a forever worrier, while there is nothing wrong with being too worried, I got to a point this week that I was worried about stupid things like other ladies finding my husband dishy to even being worried I was having a heart attack because my arm hurt.. the reason why it hurt is because I’ve been co-sleeping with Robin and she sleeps on my right arm so its been cramping and sore since.. curse that child.

but I know I have nothing to worry about.. so Im going to really honestly try not to worry to much for this month!

Improve writing – I like how I write, but I worry others don’t like how I write.. basically what I do is write exactly what pops up into my head and hope it makes sense but I want to get better at it, I worry (haha) that I use similar words to often and that my reviews are rushed but reading other blogs and slowing down to take the time with writing will improve it all.

Take videos -I don’t mean to ‘vlog’ but to take videos of days out here and there and share them here on my blog, like if we go to the forest or the beach one day find the time to do a quick video of what we are getting up to, I want to avoid using a camera as much as I can with days out because I always feel it takes away from the day but little clips here and there wouldn’t be that bad.

Learn to edit – This goes along the same lines as above, to take videos one must learn how to video edit, thankfully I do have access to a good software to edit videos but its a learning curve I am exited to dig into.

Plan Ahead – Back when I first started I was very plan and prep, I would schedule posts weeks in advance but with the toddler phase and anxiety I have slipped A LOT with planning and I want to start getting back into the swing of writing, scheduling and prepping posts a few days before they need to go up.

I have really only two social medias that I use for blogging and they are growing nicely if slowly but the fact they are growing is a good thing but I have small goals to meet my small collection of social media;

Twitter – 2,000

Instagram – 300

Hitting 2000 on my twitter would be wonderful, I am 200 away from it at the moment but it goes up and down daily which is fair, its would either be nice to hit 2000 or just 1900 by the end of June, and with my Instagram its slowly getting to 300 so that would be wonderful for month of June now that I am using it more.


..and there we have it, my June goals both blogging related and life related, they seem like a lot but I have full hope that I can get some of those reached!

Until next time


Did anyone else feel like January was a rather long month? It was long but I also feel like I didn’t actually get much done in it, I had planned to read a book which never happened, I wanted to get my camera out more often but that never happened either.. I guess perhaps the January blues hit me like a sack of uninspiring bricks and left me feeling extremely exhausted.

But anyway, another month gone and a new one is dawning, its time to share with you what I hope to achieve in the month of February.

  • Save Money –  I have a feeling this will endlessly be on my goals, Mr S and I have decided to plan a birthday party for Kai when his birthday comes around in March and its going to be rather expensive so time to set some cash aside ready for that.
  • Get a new piercing – Not sure if I have already mentioned this but I want to get a new piercing done in my ear, the plan was do it in January but I just never found the time to go sort it out.
  • Be More Organised – I am a mess most of the time, very forgetful and utterly useless with everything.. I need to write down everything that needs doing and create a check list.. which my Bullet Journal will come in handy with.
  • More family trips – Pretty simple, we now have a car so we need to get out more.
  • Buy lighting equipment for photos – I live in England and the weather at the minute is just rain, dark and cold.. so I haven’t had the chance to take many blog photos because the lighting has been so bad.
  • Put my phone down – I will hold my hands up and say, I use my phone far to much and I want to change that a little, I will still use it but not like I used to
  • Sort out a play room – Tiny flat means no space for anyone, all the children’s stuff is in their room, clothes and toys and I want to move things about and turn our large cupboard which houses a fridge and various other things into a play room for the children’s toys to go, so their bedroom will have some much needed space and hopefully move Robin into their room.

A part of me wants to complete all of these for the next month, but I know some of them will cross over into March and probably beyond as I am a professional procrastinator haha.

What plans have you got set for the month ahead?

Until next time