You all know how much I love a good tag, and what better to find a tag thats music based, while I dont get to listen to music much these days with the kids being older and the fact that my diath piercing gets in the way of my ear buds, I do still love a good song and of course a boogie around the front room when its needed!

One of my lovely friends, Ash, who didn’t tag me, but did do this on their blog and I needed to do it, here blog is here if you fancy reading about some wonderful books but enough of me babbling, and we all know how much i love a good babble… lets jump into the Shuffle the Music tag!



  1. Thank the person who nominated you for this tag and link to their blog.
  2. Shuffle your entire music library (no matter how old songs the songs are) and talk about the FIRST FIFTEEN songs that come up (anything like why they are there, if they signify something, any story, why you like them, etc.)
  3. Mention the songs as well as the artists.
  4. Tag 7 people or more to do this tag and please let them know!


1, All Night Long – Lionel Richie – I don’t know why this here, I like 80’s music and it was in one of those Best of the 80’s albums that are only sold at Christmas time.. still a good song.

2, Wild Honey – U2 – As surprising as this is, this is the only U2 song that shuffled, I am a big, or was a big U2 fan, this was my first album I ever bought with my OWN MONEY and I just love this song, makes me feel all happy

3, Wannabe – Spice Girls – The Spice Girls are my childhood, I wasnt that into them as some are but I still have fond memories of them and do get a little nostalgic at their songs, I was always Geri whenever my friends and I got together to dance along to their songs, which one are you?

4, Three Little Birds – Bob Marley – I used to play this to Kai when I was pregnant with him, Id rest my iPod onto my tummy, he would stop moving and ‘listen’ until the song ended and start wriggling again.

5, Two Worlds – Phil Collins – Good film with a good soundtrack, what more could you ask for?

6, Rockin’ Robin – McFly – I dont know why I have this one either, still a fun little song to dance too.

7,  Part of your World – Jodie Benson – Another one from my childhood, I think my obsession with red hair comes from this Disney film.

8, Fight for this Love – Cheryl Cole – I just thought it was a really catchy song.

9, No Regrets – Robbie Williams – The perfect breakup song! I love this song so much, its moody angry and mean and just the best thing to listen to when someone has done you wrong! ‘I didn’t loose my mind it was mine to give away!’

10,  Four Minute Warning – Mark Owen – I LOVE Mark Owen, he is such an underrated singer! his album ‘How the Mighty Fall’ is my favorite and I often put it on!

11,  Mr Blue Sky – ELO – This is my ‘if its playing in a store, I will be dancing along to it‘ song, such a fantastic upbeat fun song and reminds me of sitting up late on the internet talking to friends!

12, If I had Words – Scott Fitzgerald – Its the song Farmer Hoggett sang to the famous ‘Pig’ in Babe.. what else can I say.

13, Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts – When my son was 2, as soon as he heard this song he was dancing, its from the Disney film Cars which is still played in this house today, while I was looking up the videos for this post, he heard it and a huge smile appeared on his face! Cars still make him happy.

14, Goldfish and Paracetamol –  Catatonia – No words, good song,

15,  Break the Ice – Britney Spears – I love the video to this song, I love the beat and how different it sounds to other Britney songs.





U2 –

I have talked about U2 a lot before on my blog, they have been an almost constant in my life since I first heard Elevation in the back of my dads car while on holiday in 2001, I of course fell in ‘love’ with Bono and his voice and as it turns out his large nose too haha.

I have had a lot of criticism with my loving of this band, everyone I have known has talked to me in disgust about them and how snobby they are, telling us to donate when they sit in mansions.. and while I agree, these people often don’t see the side of them that shows how much they do for people.

I managed to meet many friends through the bands many fan websites back when the internet was more than just social media and some big money making scheme, I did manage to meet one of these wonderful people and got to see the band live together back in 2005 which I talk about here

Some girls had popstars, I had a bunch of rock stars with large egos, and I honestly don’t regret one bit learning and loving this band, who have kept me sane during bad times and helped me connect with thousands of people across the globe.

until next time

Mummy Cat



U2 has always been my favorite band, through the terrible times and the good times I can always put one of their songs on and it can change a mood completely.. So I thought it would be fun to share with you my personal favorite songs of theirs and hopefully share the reasons behind why they mean so much to me.

5 – Please – From their 1997 album POP comes this moody single, over the years this album has become my favorite, I am such a fan of experimental sounding music and POP has everything. Please just makes you sit down and think about the lyrics, a lot of their songs have a hidden meaning to them, as all songs do, but there is something about U2 lyrics that speak and have meaning others. I love this song, I love the buildup from the guitars and Bono’s vocals.. its what I class as a great rainy day song.

4 – I Will Follow – From their first studio album Boy.. a good song to jump about at and I did while at 37 weeks pregnant with R haha, I think the older I get the more I love older U2 songs, I wanted to share the live version of the song, When I saw U2 in 2005 they played this song and now I need to hear it ‘live’ or it just isnt good!

3 – Ultraviolet (Light my way) – another brilliant song from another brilliant album, their fantastic and second personal favorite album Achtung Baby, Much like Please I love how it sounds, how moody it comes across and the sound of The Edge, There is just something about it that I cant get enough of.. and its such a good song!

2 – Walk On – From their album All That You Cant Leave Behind, Until recently I didn’t appreciate the message behind this song, it wasn’t really a favorite for such a long time until I dealt with some crap that I wont go into here, while this song is for Aung San Suu Kyi, a Burmese woman who was put under house arrest for pro-democracy .. but I think their message is pretty clear.. walk on.. hold your head up high and walk on.

1 – Stuck In a Moment – from the same album was Walk on, which was the first U2 album I ever got.. much like Walk On, it has another meaning to it but at times when I am feeling bad these two songs never fail to bring be back from the brink of a breakdown, ‘You are such a fool, to worry like you do’ its hard to describe how much it means to me.

One extra..

Love is Blindness – the last song on Achtung Baby, after all that insanity that is that whole album, Love is Blindness is like a little bottle of water at the end of a heavy meal, I often find myself lying down on the floor during this song if I listen at home.. and this verson sung by The Edge is stunning..


And there we go, my top 5 favorite U2 songs, all have different meanings to many, and they all mean something to me, I have let a lot of bad things and embarrassment get in the way of my enjoyment of U2, I often feel like everyone I meet dislikes them and as a fan I cant see why haha but I wont let things damage my enjoyment of them anymore.

Still having found what I am looking for..

Mummy Cat



On 9th March 1987 one of the greatest albums (opinions pending) of all time was released, U2’s Joshua Tree, and the band just started their tour in celebration of said albums, seeing all these photos and videos pop up on twitter and Instagram took me back to the summer of 2005 and the Vertigo 05 tour.

It was an extremely hot summers day, 21st June 2005 in the wonderful city of Glasgow. A friend who I met through the wonders of the internet, in fact via a U2 chat room years prior, managed to get wonderful tickets to the show, I still remember her telling me that she got them after standing in line since midnight of the tickets released..

I was living in Newcastle at the time (a story I probably won’t talk about) so travel to Glasgow wasn’t an issue, everything is a complete blur of how I actually got there (train… obviously) but I remember having to get up rather early… which these days isn’t early at all, and heading to the arena and the long wait of being first in line, but the blessing of being first in line is the opportunity to be in a place I had only dreamed about, front row at a U2 concert! 

The photos honestly do not do justice of how close me and my friends stood! In many of my photos I had one of the grumpy looking security guards keeping watch! Front row! All those years of dreaming and wishing for this day and it finally happened.

Being the one with the camera I am not in any of these photos, but here are a ‘few’ of the photos I managed to snap that day.

I was extremely blessed to have even able to tag along to see this band with a fellow fan I met on the internet.. looking back on this day and everything that happened, where we stood and the songs that they played some of which they hadn’t sung live in years.. I wish I could go back and experience this one event again..

I wish I could go see the Joshua Tree anniversary tour but I know that would be impossible giving how quickly tickets to these shows sell out!

I can however still listen back to this day, someone in the crowd recorded it, as many do, and I have it saved on my hard drive along with the blurry videos I managed to take.. (seriously you kids do not understand the pain of shitty phone cameras).

Signing off humming to ‘Running to Stand Still’

Mummy Cat