While the title of this post might not seem like the most positive thing ever, but I feel it is always best to get things off your chest when they’ve been bothering you for a while.

So here I am, admitting that sometimes I really hate blogging!

There are of course some amazingly wonderful things about blogging, one being the community and the friendships I have gained and rekindled, there is a large amount of supportive people out there but also some really god horrid meanies too.

I hate the stress, I hate the fact that sometimes it’s expected of you to be ‘picture perfect’ and squeaky clean, it bothers me how my inbox is full of people begging for a link to be included into a post I’ve written, I’ve even had someone ask me to include a breastfeeding link and info into a really personal post about why I decided not to and why I’m pro fed is best.

Then there is a certain group online who make it their duty to be unbelievable mean for no other good reason besides to cause damage, I hate how judgmental some bloggers can be and when you dare have a slightly different opinion to the crowd suddenly you yourself are the ‘troll’.

It annoys me that good honest people who work hard every day of their blogging life just get completely shit on and get nowhere while others who put in the bare minimum, buy their followers and get all those deals which so many are desperate for. I hate how some brands won’t even touch you just because of a pathetic little domain number and don’t even look at the content you produce over the number of followers you have.

I dislike how much time it takes away from spending time with my children, and how I’ve now trained myself into thinking about ‘instagramable’ photos when I’m out and about, which is probably part of the reason why I’m refusing to vlog because I know it will take any time away from spending time with them and as a family.

Of course as I said there are some wonderful things about blogging, without blogging I wouldn’t have met my friend Becca who I actually met in person in the summer. I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunities that I’ve had without blogging and I know my photography skills wouldn’t have improved as much as they have.

I’m grateful for what I’ve experienced with blogging but my goodness there’s so much that I dislike about it, I’ve contemplated quitting and switching off Mummy Cat altogether during my low days but realistically I feel that due to my dislikes, I should change things up a bit and just post when I feel like it and not let myself get lower because I’ve left it for a little longer than I anticipated.

Perhaps the small break away from my blog did me good? Who knows…

Either way.. happy November everyone!