This weeks photo has come from the dinner at Down Hall –  which you can read about here, we walked out of the hotel to find that the little trees outside had cute fairy lights and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of them, I made a comment to Mr S about how boring and dark everything is once all the fairy lights come down after Christmas and seeing these just made everything feel all magical.

There is just something so special and beautiful about fairy lights.

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Once again I am taking part in the linky that the wonderful Caitylis has set up, which is designed to share photographs that we have taken in the previous month that we just simply love, at the end of the linky time scale she selects her favorites out of those who take part and show case them onto her own blog, its a wonderful idea to share talented photographers and exciting events we have all shot over the course of the month before, you can read my December post here and if you want to join in feel free.. its a great little way to get those shutter fingers triggering.

Here are my picks from January in pictures, a collection of photos to show how randomly different January can be, from brief cold days with pansies battling the frost to surprisingly warm days without a coat, lots of feathered friends and of course macro shots, because they are my favorites!



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I know I talked about autumn being one of my favorite times of year, but I have to admit I do enjoy it when all the birds appear and start looking for a future mate..

Every school run I am greeted by this beautiful little chap sitting on the bushes, hes not afraid of me and I have gotten close to him on occasion and of course Robin, my little girl who is obsessed with ‘Bobs’ loves seeing him too!

cheeky little fellow!

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It’s time for a brand new photograph Sunday! Sorry about last weeks lack of photos but I ran a special ‘sightings From’ linky which you can have a nose here

Todays photos are of my mums trip to Iceland, she went there to see the Aurora borealis for her 60th birthday and I have to say, I am envious of her..

She did see them, told me all about the -20 temperatures and enjoyed a good dip in the Blue Lagoon.

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One of my wonderful blogger friends Caitylis has a delightful little Linky over at her blog that I just had to join in, its to do with photography and you all know how much I love taking a good photo once in a while.

Plus I feel like it will give be a great opportunity to get my Nikon out a lot more often than just for blog posts and flat lay shots!

The premise is to post some of your favorite photos from the previous month, simple and easy.. Oh and of course not forgetting to link up when she posts her linky at the start of the next month..

Here are my photos from December, I know there aren’t many but as it turns out December was a mentally mad busy month and we just didn’t get out often..(Now that we have a car I am going to make sure we do things as a family at the weekends so expect A LOT more photos in the months to come.)











I am now excited to see what this month will bring.

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